The report that I get about the potential of the Elon Musk Presidency ahead is that ... both Trump and Biden fear sure shot failures if Elon Musk works with us. Thus both Biden and Trump are coaxing Barack and Michelle not to allow Elon Musk to work with us using any pretext.

This is not the first time that this has happened. Trump knew that if Biden worked with me before 2020 elections then Biden's victory was a sure shot. So, he reportedly paid about a billion dollars to Obama and Biden not to work with us. Trump thought that he would win because Biden was not working with me directly.

I released this information online ... paying a billion to Biden and Obama not to work with me actually backfired on Trump. The same thing is happening again ... this time all 3 Trump, Biden and Obama ... are trying to get Elon Musk not to work with me. This is repetitive bullshit.

The guys that we chose to lead America have not only become disastrous but they are the main initial obstacles for American progress. The Establishment comes next but this team of 3 bums seem to be the initial obstacle.

They stand in front of a burning building, go on a looting spree and refuse to allow the fire fighters to save the building. Fantastic job guys ... fantastic job.

Michelle and Musk should surpass this wall of bums
Firstly, the most independent is Elon Musk ... you are not married to any of the 3 bums ... nor do you have any reason to follow them. You should use a little bit of logic and reason ... the building is burning ... should we save it or not? 40 American citizens are dying every single hour ... should we save them or allow the wall of bums to block us?

Secondly, we also got the report that "Twitter Files is nothing but Trump propaganda" ... reportedly, Trump is paying you a few billion to expose this information on Fauci and FBI. Here is a logical question ... are a few billion more or are a few hundred billion more? Are $4-5 billion more or are $400-500 billion more?

Yes, if you become a Trump puppet not only he will screw your political career but you will only get $4-5 billion from him. But when you become President the same Trump will pay you $400-500 billion just not to put him in jail. He will pay you $400-500 billion every time he is in the verge of being indicted. Reportedly, Trump has a loot of about $5-20 Trillion ... trust me, he has the money to pay. You don't have to be his puppet but Trump will be your puppet.

Use some logic ... which option is better ... in terms of returns as well as power. Being the President of the United States and getting paid $400-500 billion or being Trump's puppet and getting some peanuts?

My dear Michelle ... everybody knows what Barack does ... you don't have to be Barack ... you don't have to follow him. He has to follow you ... he has to empower you. Please keep in mind that Barack Obama will be a member of Michelle's team ... whatever you want to do, he should help you with his connections ... in no way, he should hold you back.

This is your first test in Presidential leadership ... surpass the wall of bums ... don't allow the bums to hold you back.

Lol. We wasted this time during Warren and Biden ... and we got total bums in the White House ... who don't know shit ... who don't know what has to be done in each crisis at all. Let's not repeat the same blunders with Musky.