"Born-Alive Act: Pelosi, Schumer melt down after new bill requires care for babies born during failed abortion"

So, why are Pelosi and Schumer fuming over the Born-Alive Act? I understand the woman's right to seek and have abortion ... that is totally fine. But if in any case, the baby is born alive ... then that's a human being we are dealing with and not a lump of flesh ... that's an American citizen we are dealing with … an American citizen with every right that the Constitution offers. Why on Earth shouldn't we provide care and support for a fully formed human being that is born alive? 

I am sorry ... but your right to abortion ends after the baby is born alive. Doesn't matter what you went through and why you wanted the abortion ... but that born alive baby is innocent ... no way in hell that baby should be ignored and be uncared for.

Pelosi and Schumer should know that the maximum number of drug addicts, prostitutes and criminals had a childhood that lacked in love and care. The last thing we should do is not care for our children. If the parents do not want the baby for any reason ... then let the State take care of it. We should not discriminate against the baby just because its parents didn't want to have it.

Abortion rights end once the baby is born alive.