There is an interesting debate going on between Anti-Trump groups and Pro-Trump groups. The argument what Pro-Trump groups are bringing to the table is that … “If Obama is bringing stagnation and inaction into the White House and if you want to avoid giving the Presidency to an Obama guy in the next elections … then isn’t Trump the best guy to remove Obama's control over the White House? He will not only flush out the Obama puppets from the White House but he will root out every Obama guy from every government position possible. He has already done this during his Presidency.

You want guys who can surpass party puppetry … Trump has already surpassed party influence and the puppetry of military and party leaders. So why not give a chance to Trump for the White House? May be he will change to lead right this time.”

Anti-Trump groups are saying … “have mercy on us! Why do we need Trump again in the White House? Please don’t do this to us.”

Logical Evaluation
Yes, stagnation and inaction from Obama is a major issue … when you are pissed off at one party then you look at the other party for leadership … this is normal instinct. Let’s do a logical evaluation of the issues that Trump has that function like obstacles in his path for the Presidency.

Issue One. Part of the Establishment. The major problem with Trump is that … he thinks that he is a part of the Establishment … thus he doesn’t take any action on the Establishment. The very purpose of giving him the Presidency was to break Establishment monopoly and Trump refused to do what he was chosen for.

So now, if we give Trump the White House … then what is the guarantee that Trump will break Establishment monopoly? Yes, Obama-Biden are “stagnation with disasters” and Trump is “stagnation without disasters” … Trump might seem better than Obama-Biden … but the truth is that … both parties are plagued with stagnation and inaction. What is the guarantee of progress under Trump?

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Save America”. Trump himself has unleased several disasters … once he becomes President, he will end those disasters … namely, the border crisis, pandemic waves and the Ukraine war … and then he will say “Look, I saved America which Biden couldn’t”. And then if he goes back to stagnation and his looting spree … then what will we do?

There is no guarantee or verification that Trump will actually lead a movement against the Establishment.

Issue Two. Genocide. Trump has created genocides out there … by working with Establishment elements to created repeated waves of the pandemic … and by creating the Ukraine war. In order to balance out the crimes that Trump has committed towards millions of people, I told Trump something very simple … donate a few hundred billion dollars to Africa and save a few million lives. But I don’t see Trump stepping forward even in this direction.

Issue Three. Biden can convict Trump. Let’s assume that Trump gives me all of the guarantees and assurances that he will dismantle the Establishment and I start working with him to make him President again … and then what will happen if Biden will convict Trump?

Trump has committed so many crimes out there that there are so many indictments and convictions that he can get. Just one conviction is enough to remove Trump from any political office. This is also a real time practical issue for Trump.

Issue Four. Flipped against us. Another major issue that comes in considering Trump for the White House is that … instead of working with us, he had flipped against us … instead of protecting us, he was pulling strings to shut down our work.

So, what is the guarantee that Trump will not flip against us again?

Obama, Biden, Harris, Bill de Blasio and Elon Musk
These are the candidates that I suggest … just compare these candidates with the issues that Trump has.

  • Part of the Establishment. Do Obama, Biden, Harris, Bill de Blasio or Elon Musk call themselves a part of the Establishment?
  • Genocide. Have any of them created genocide by working with Establishment elements?
  • Convictions. Do they have a long list of crimes where they can be convicted?
  • Flipped against us. Have any one of them flipped against us?

Now, you understand why I opt for these candidates instead of Trump. Trump’s road to the White House is complicated … he has several verifications and guarantees to provide before SM can consider him for the White House.  

Yes, Trump can surpass Obama and his own Party … but that’s not enough. It might have been enough in 2016 but not for 2024. All of this is Trump’s own accumulated baggage. He needs to look into how he will clear his baggage.

Not booting Obama
No, we are not booting Obama from Presidential leadership. There are different SM Groups out there who support different candidates. What matters is "progress" ... Trump didn't make any progress and he was booted from the White House and demoted to manage the opposition party.

Now, Obama-Biden have been given the lead because of Trump's inaction ... but they are turning out to be worse than Trump. Trump was "stagnation without disasters" and Obama-Biden are "stagnation with disasters" making their leadership far more destructive for America and the world.

We will obviously continue to keep all options open for all Establishment independent candidates. Its just that if Obama doesn't lead then he might get a demotion ... just like Trump.

All options are in motion out there ... with and without Obama, with and without Biden, with and without Musky, with and without Harris or maybe someone totally new ... at the end of the day what matters is ... who makes the best progress in the game. The candidate that makes maximum progress gets power and retains power.