Pro-Trump Groups exploring Trump’s re-election
The debate between Anti-Trump and Pro-Trump Groups continue … but first … let us understand why the sudden movement to explore Trump’s re-election.

It is mainly because Michelle n Musk have not coordinated with us to take America forward. SM Groups fear constant and prolonged stagnation under Obama and his candidates. SM is exploring every option to save America from its several crises … with or without every top Presidential candidate.

America is a burning building … their concern is to save America via every possible route. That’s why Pro-Trump groups are stepping up their arguments in favor of Trump. Yes, there are groups in favor of Obama and Biden … we have also put Michelle n Musk as a configuration to lead America … but till date there is no movement ahead. That’s why they are exploring, why not Trump? If they don’t want to lead then why not Trump?

Its not about being Pro-Obama or Pro-Trump … for SM, its all about saving America via every route possible.

Obama-Biden – Stagnation with disasters
This is a neutral page … I am not trying to take sides here … I am only presenting facts … so that, each candidate understands how SM operates.

If you have observed Obama’s Presidential leadership has always been “stagnation with disasters” … which means that not only Establishment monopoly was not broken down but there were several ongoing disasters. For example … during the Obama Presidency … along with the Establishment draining trillions of our wealth, we were busy bombing and waging wars against half a dozen countries.

We put Obama back into action again with an Obama-Biden Presidency … again the same thing is happening. Not only we have no action on the Establishment but we also have the non-stop Ukraine war, the pandemic, the border crises and several multi-trillion dollar spending programs. Again we have half a dozen disasters on the move.

In this scenario, when there is zero movement from the Michelle n Musk combination as well … then there is a major concern about the future of America. Are we going to keep on getting $8 – 10 Trillion of debt every Presidential term? We are already at $31.5 Trillion … are we going to hit $40 Trillion … then $50 Trillion … then $60 Trillion of debt? How much is this incompetence and stagnation going to consume America?

How long is this going to take? A second term for Biden means continued stagnation with disasters for the next 6 years … another Obama candidate in the White House means 4 more years screwed … and then 4 more years screwed?

Will we ever be able to save America or is it going to get decimated in its own stagnation and disasters under incompetent leaders? This is the biggest pressing issue that’s being discussed among all SM Groups.

The Trump Presidency – Stagnation without disasters
It is under this dire scenario where America’s future is uncertain that Pro-Trump groups are exploring the possibility of Trump’s re-election where Trump can actually lead America out of its several crises.

Just like you saw the facts of Obama’s Presidential leadership … if you see the facts about the Trump Presidency then we did not get a single new war under Trump. Terrorism and the War on Terror was wiped out under Trump … the border crisis was contained … there were no trillions of mass spending in every direction … new Establishment schemes of mass spending like Climate Change were not launched.

Yes, Trump was also stagnant … he did not take action against the Establishment … but at the same time there were no disasters under Trump as well … thus making a Trump Presidency better than the Obama-Biden leadership.

Since Trump rose above party puppetry and made good progress in leadership by making the Republican Party, a party of Trump … there is also a good chance that Trump might make the moves to solve America’s crises.

Isn’t Obama’s incompetence more shocking than Trump’s possible re-election?
What Pro-Trump SM groups argue is that … no one expected Obama to repeat his Presidency and continue with his stagnation and disasters. Everyone expected him to coordinate with Active Democracy at a push of a button and launch the fight against the Establishment to save and change America.

Yes, several groups are shocked at the possibility of Trump’s re-election … but Pro-Trump groups argue that … isn’t Obama’s incompetence more shocking and disastrous than Trump’s possible re-election?

This is the to and fro discussion going on between Anti-Trump and Pro-Trump groups. They are trying to find a route and a good leader to take America out of its crises.

Good news for Trump
Technically, the good news for Trump is that … a route for the White House is opening for you. But it has several conditions that you have to address …

  • How are you going to commit to break Establishment monopoly?
  • How are you going to donate a few hundred billion to Africa to save a few million lives to balance out the genocides that you have created?
  • What is the guarantee that Biden and Democrats will not indict and convict you?
  • What is the guarantee that you will not flip against us again, just like you did last time?

If you can provide these 4 guarantees then SM will look at options to open the route to the White House for you.

One small note … its not that you have done anything great because of which you are being considered for the White House … but its because Obama-Biden are flunking so bad that they are also considering you. Lol. The situation is disastrous out there and America needs saviors.

Michelle n Musk Presidency
Well, the stagnation under the Obama-Biden leadership is not well understood. We don’t know if it is because Obama is not able to push Biden to lead … or it is because Biden doesn’t give a shit about Obama. In both scenarios, it is the Michelle n Musk Presidency that would be most preferable to lead America.

The first thing that comes with Elon Musk is a “clean slate” … even Trump had this advantage over Hillary. While Hillary had several wars and disasters under her hood … Trump had a clean slate. But Trump didn’t coordinate and he got several disasters post-Presidency under his hood.

While Michelle n Musk are the highest preferred candidates to lead America … there is a major concern on their lack of coordination … and thus lack of know how … and thus a repeat stagnation even under their Presidency.

Time keeps on flying by and there is no progress being made. Its mainly because of this lack of coordination that SM is looking for more and more options to lead America. I would strongly suggest Michelle to work with Elon Musk for the coordination so that we can bring the entire SM Network behind one leadership. We have to organize and do a lot of planning to get this done.

We do not have much time … we cannot keep on losing one Presidential candidate after another because of inaction. We lost Obama … then we lost Trump … then we lost Oprah and Warren … now we have lost Biden … are you sure that we should also loose Elon Musk and that this incompetent disaster train should continue forever?