So, AOC is against Jesus is it? Ads about Christianity and Jesus are "fascism"? Very interesting.

Here is where AOC shows her anti-religion Communist foundation. All of her Socialist policies have also the grounding of being anti-religion, anti-Christ, anti-Christianity and anti-Christian. The entire concepts of Socialism and Communism were designed by Satanic Jews to rule over Christians mercilessly by suppressing Christianity and treating each Christian as an equal ... equal to an animal ... equal to a sheep and a cow ... that's the basis of Socialism and Communism.

When AOC shows her anti-Jesus and anti-Christianity side ... she is actually showing the very foundation where she comes from ... where her ideology comes from.

This is what Biden and Democrats should realize ... "Climate Change and other multi-trillion dollar "free for all" policies" come from the Satanic Establishment. That's exactly what AOC is championing.

Her policies were correctly rejected by Trump ... and since Trump rejected them ... the Establishment channelized these policies to Democrats. Democrats picked these drastic wealth draining policies, just to be anti-Trump ... to do what Trump doesn't want to do.

I congratulate all Christian groups ... especially the "He Gets Us" campaign ... for getting the word out there ... for spreading Christianity and the words of Jesus Christ. God bless you ... you are doing a wonderful job. Invest more ... spread his word more ... and fight back if required.

There should be at least someone in the largest Christian country in the world who can FIGHT FOR JESUS.