I am getting interesting proposals from SM Groups on who should be the next President of the United States.

Michelle n Musk
Technically, if this configuration gets activated and they coordinate with us to revolutionize America … then this is the best option to take America forward. But there is no movement from this combination and several SM Groups are getting frustrated with their lack of action.

What I would tell these SM Groups is that … Elon Musk never said that he wants to run for President. I designed this configuration … there is no guarantee that he actually wants to run for President … let alone revolutionize America. So, you can’t get frustrated at someone so soon … we don’t even know if he wants to lead America.

Donald J Trump
Yes, I know that Trump might be interested in working with us … but the issue with his candidacy is that … he has too much baggage associated with him. Not only he has to coordinate with us to revolutionize America but there a few pre-conditions that he needs to meet. I alone don’t hand out the Presidency … SM is involved as well. He has to prove himself to SM in order to get the Presidency.

Let’s support the Devil this time!?
The interesting proposal that I got recently to handle the current leadership crisis in America is … “let’s support the Devil this time!?” Why is this being proposed?

  • Our Chosen Ones have turned out to be 10 times worse than the Devil
  • Bush created a debt of only $200 – 400 Billion per year and our guys are creating a debt of $3 – 1.5 trillion per year.
  • The Satanic Establishment is enjoying this scale of disaster happening in America … because it is the Chosen Ones that are to be blamed for these disasters.
  • It is Obama who created a debt of $9 Trillion in two terms … it is Trump who created a debt of $8 Trillion in one term … and it is Biden who is on track to create a debt of $8-10 Trillion in one term. None of them are connected to the Establishment … all 3 are our Chosen Ones.
  • The Establishment is itself shocked and baffled at this scale of disasters.
  • The Establishment maintains a disaster 10 times less … because it is afraid of getting caught … it is afraid of accountability. But our lovely Chosen Ones … for them it is full-scale loot and no accountability. 
  • The Devil has a sense of accountability 10 times more than our Chosen Ones.

The solution that some SM Groups are proposing is that …

  • Since our Chosen Ones are 10 times worse than Establishment puppets
  • Since Establishment puppets are more afraid and spend less out of accountability
  • The easy way to make things 10 times better in America instantly … is to support the Devil this time.

Since our guys don’t give a shit about solving any crisis that America faces … since our guys only care about looting trillions at every turn … since the best thing that our Chosen Ones have done is not decimated the world via a nuclear war … shouldn’t we simply support the Devil this time?

All we need is a guy … who has enough commonsense not to initiate a nuclear world war against Russia … even if this guy is a puppet of the Establishment … he will automatically be 10 times better than our Chosen Ones. Lol.

This proposal also meets the requests of several SM Groups to remove Obama, Trump and Biden from Presidential leadership. All of them get removed from the Presidency … when we install someone new.

What many SM Groups believe is that … if Obama, Trump and Biden will not coordinate with us to revolutionize America now … then it is pretty obvious that they will simply waste one more term in office doing nothing again. Giving these 3 guys an additional term in office would simply be a waste of time.

Screening the Devil
We should look for only two points in screening the Devil …

  • Should not start a nuclear war against Russia
  • Should not screw with our security

If the new guy has enough commonsense to meet these two requests … then he is automatically 10 times better than Obama, Trump and Biden. Because the above two are the major accomplishments of our Chosen Ones.

Want to be President? Prove yourself
So, giving these 3 guys the Presidency again would be a total waste of time and they will only create trillions of additional debt. Instead, let them fight for it … let them coordinate and campaign for the right policies … let them prove themselves … if they really want the Presidency.

Let us not give away the Presidency as a multi-trillion dollar lottery anymore. Because our Chosen Ones are treating the Presidency as nothing but a trillion dollar lottery … they have no interest, no concern and no fight to solve any crisis that the American people face.

If they can fight the right fight today … then well and good … let’s pick the best from the Chosen Ones to lead America. Otherwise, as per the recent SM proposal … America would be better off without any of them in the lead. If they want the Presidency then let them prove themselves.