Who would I choose between Obamas and Trump to work with?
Interesting question. When it comes to security, I feel at ease working with Obamas as I know with experience that they will protect me in all scenarios. But the issue with Barack Obama is that ... when it comes to do things differently ... bring about change ... stand up to his Party ... then it is like hitting your head against the wall. Doesn't matter how much drastic the actions and policies are ... doesn't matter if it is Establishment malice or not ... Barack doesn't change his direction and continues with disastrous actions. It might be the war in Libya or Syria ... or Climate Change or the Ukraine war. We keep hitting the wall when we need change.

This is why we had brought Michelle in the game ... to bring change ... to do things differently ... but nothing much seems to have changed since Obama's Presidency. The same things keep repeating ... though Michelle still keeps me safe.

On the other hand, we have Trump ... my security is an issue ... personally, I don't feel at ease with him. But when it comes to bringing about change ... doing things differently ... Trump is extremely active and he stops all wars and disasters. He leads the Party and he is not a puppet of the Party.

That's the unique difference between the two. But long gone are the days when we compare the two ... the major section of SM Groups are doubtful of both of their leaderships. None of them have coordinated ... none of them are solving any crisis ... both of them are piling $8-10 trillion every year ... so they question ...

  • What's the point of having Obama and Trump in the lead when we get no change?
  • What's the point when America still goes trillions in debt every year?
  • What's the point when the Establishment remains untouched and all exploitation systems continue?

Giving them another term only means $8-10 trillions of additional debt with no change at all. This is the crisis in leadership that SM is trying to work on. There is a leadership vacuum because neither Trump nor Biden could address America's problems.

As far as I am concerned, I am keeping all options open. What matters most is "progress". All of our candidates ... Obama, Trump and Biden are Establishment independent ... saving America is possible under all of their leaderships. What I am prioritizing is ... who coordinates to campaign for the right policies to revolutionize America?

We should help this particular candidate who shows progress ... or look for another candidate that can show the progress that we need. Elon Musk could have been phenomenal ... but the guy is a rocket scientist ... he is the brains of his companies. I don't know if he will detach himself from his companies and lead America for the next 8 years.

Other than him ... Michelle is a good candidate that can break this deadlock. She is trustworthy and capable.

Its not that Obama and Trump didn't try to get in touch ... its not that they didn't try to pull sponsors for the work. They tried but they didn't succeed for reasons better known to themselves. Since they didn't succeed, America still remains locked in a crisis.

Progress matters.