Yeah, yeah ... I know. They want Dalai Lama. We give the White House to Pornstar bangers and guys who finger his colleague's pussy ... and these wonderful gentlemen want "complete Monks" in their Presidency. Lol.

They look for the tiniest and shittiest excuse not to coordinate. This is not new information ... why do you guys get upset over it? If they want to work with Dalai Lama, then let them work with Dalai Lama. Let's see if Dalai Lama can get them re-elected or if he will help them solve America's crises. Lol.

Its not about wanting Dalai Lama ... its actually about sticking to the trillion dollar lottery without having to solve any crisis ... that's what it is. They want to keep the Presidency but they don't want to dismantle the Establishment, they don't want any responsibility and they don't want to solve any crisis. That's what the scheme is all about.

SM moving away from Trump and Biden
The interesting chemistry that's happening among SM Groups is ... Pro-Democrat groups are against Trump becoming President again because he didn't coordinate and he did not solve any crisis. Pro-Trump groups don't want Biden becoming President again because even he did not coordinate and did not solve any crisis. Interestingly, there is a growing section of SM Groups that are moving away from both Trump and Biden ... they don't want both of them in the White House for the same reason.

The end result of SM chemistry that creates the largest group ends up deciding the Presidency. At this moment in time, the majority of SM groups don't favor Trump and Biden. Which means that anything can happen in 2024.

Michelle n Musk, the best option
What I would love is ... Elon Musk in the White House. We have already seen what Trump and Biden do ... they haven't shown any change or progress ... why waste another term on them? Elon Musk is humble, down to Earth, humorous, extremely talented, experienced and loved by the people. If we can train and guide him in solving all of America's problems one by one and step by step ... then Elon Musk would be the best thing that has happened to America since its independence.

What I would suggest all SM Groups is ... don't eliminate anyone ... all of them ... Obama, Trump and Biden are Establishment independent candidates. We have spent a lot of time on them and they have a lot of know-how ... if they can put it to good use ... then all of our efforts will bear fruit. Everything can get realized.

Secondly, even if we don't give them the Presidency or Presidential control ... even then they can be of use in the Congress from the Democrat and Republican sides. We can still put them to good use.

I put more emphasis on the Michelle n Musk ... because it has both elements to it. It has the talent and experience of Elon Musk and it has Michelle Obama who knows the most about the project.

So, don't eliminate anyone ... but prioritize those who show progress.