Meghan and Harry should stop trying to make a "career" out of trashing the Royal Family. Stop trying to commercialize trashing your own family. Okay, if you were abused or something illegal was done to you ... file for damages and then call it a day. You can't go on and on and on ... trashing and ridiculing your family again and again ... only because the media companies in the US are paying you for it.

You are being used and exploited by Satanists
This is what you need to understand about the "media in the US". 90% of it is owned and controlled by the Satanic Establishment. They follow a Satanic ideology ... these guys capitalize on "negative and destructive" activities ... like war, friction and conflicts. These guys are "crisis profiteers".

Which means that ... yes, they will give you repeated $100 million contracts ... to trash and ridicule your own family. They will capitalize on your conflict and friction. But they will never provide a solution ... they will never solve any crisis ... they will never unite your family. They will only push you more and more and more to create more friction ... to demonize and ridicule your family even more. At the end of these repeated cycles of demonization and ridicule, you will not have a family left for you.

And guess what, they don't care ... they don't give a shit about your happiness, love, peace or family. Why? Because as per their ideology, they capitalize on hate, friction and conflict. The more you hate, the more friction you have ... the more they try to make money off you.

Yes, you are getting paid for this public demonization of the Royal Family ... but these media channels make 10 times more than what they pay you. When you work with them, you are literally helping them make money by destroying your own family with your own hands. That's point number one.

The Satanic Establishment hates you and your family
The second point that you should understand is that ... these guys hate Kings and Kingdoms. Satanic Jews were repeatedly expelled from several European countries again and again over a period of more than a thousand years because of their decadent, criminal and devil worship activities. These guys hate Kings and Kingdoms because of this and they have actively participated in the assassinations of Kings and termination of Kingdoms throughout the world since hundreds of years.

These guys hate you and your family. Its a win-win situation for them. They are making billions via the publicity and they are also getting to destroy a Royal Family in the public domain.

Use your talent and skills
Thirdly, if you want to make some money while staying away from your Royal Family ... then you should use some other skills and talent that does not involve trashing and destroying your own family in the media. Think of a good and proper "commercial activity" that makes the money that you want.

Honestly speaking, I love you both ... I love Harry and William ... both of you are Diana's sons. Your Mom was loved by the world ... everyone sees her in you.

I understand that you might not have got a comforting and welcome treatment in the Royal Family ... but at the same time, what you are doing is not making anything better. Two wrongs don't make a right.

If you want to live independent of the Royal Family then go ahead. But do it with love, dignity and talent ... use talent and skills that suit your status and profile.

I don't generally get involved in family conflicts ... my domain is a little bit different. I am just trying to show you ... that you are being exploited and used by Satanists who hate you. Nothing good will result on this track. We love your Mom and both of you are racing in opposite directions.

Queen Michelle will help
I understand if you need security, protection, help and support ... we have already requested Queen Michelle to help the American Princess. It would be great if you would start exploring ... of how to help the masses ... how to bring about positive change in the lives of billions of people ... and use your authority and status to do so. It will bring about great meaning in your lives, help billions of people and it will bring respect and glory to the Royal Family and for you as well.

Let's try to be GREAT. This is a track that the Satanic Establishment will not show you ... as they don't benefit when good is done for the common people. Think big ... think goodness ... think billons of people ... and God will make ways for you.