No enemies means no character - German morals
Jesus: Yeah, tell me about it.

Lol. I am getting complaints that I fight with everybody. I was wondering how to respond to this complaint and a couple of days ago I hear this German saying that "no enemies means no character". Lol.

I am like ... perfectly well said. Even Jesus would be like ... "yeah, tell me about it. I know one or two things about it."         

If you see Jesus's life then he had a lot of enemies. Why? Because of his character, faith and courage. If you are strong in character ... then it automatically means that there will be someone on the opposite side who you will not agree with.

When you agree with everybody and you have no enemies ... then it only means that you have no character ... you are flexible to everything and okay with every activity. This was not the case with Jesus ... he clearly drew a line between what is wrong and what is right ... what should be done and what should not be done ... and thus, his opposition automatically propped up.

I love Jesus's character, faith and courage ... the only thing that I regret about Jesus is that ... he had more enemies in powerful places than friends. Had he traveled ... had he looked for more friends in powerful places ... if he had more power on his side ... then the world's history of the past 2,000 years would have been totally different.


No, we are not facing what Jesus was facing. Yes, even Jesus had the Satanic Jews pitched against him ... but right now, the issue is not with the Satanic Establishment ... we have not even begun any movement against the Establishment. The current issue is with our "Chosen Ones" ... they are turning out to be sex obsessed crooks. They are using sex obsession as an excuse to stick to the trillion dollar lottery and to stay away from the responsibilities that come with it.

I don't think that Jesus faced this issue. Lol. Our guys sit there obsessing over sex in one way or the other ... and the end result of which is always ... sticking to the lottery and staying away from their responsibilities. Its a repetitive cycle. They love the lottery and not the responsibilities.

Here is where our project is getting blocked. Its not because of the Satanic Establishment ... its mainly because of our guys ... our Chosen Ones.