North Korea can actually carry out a nuclear strike on South Korea. This is not North Korea wanting to start a nuclear war ... but this is Trump getting pissed off at getting indicted soon.

If Biden wants to actually indict and convict Trump then he should make better preparations for the same. Trump can very easily be managed at the domestic level ... Biden has failed in managing Trump at the international level. The ongoing Ukraine war is an example of Biden's failure to understand what is going on and how to manage it.

Trump had already planned a nuclear war between America and Russia so that he could flee to China during this mayhem. A nuclear attack by North Korea is not a biggie for Trump. Something that Biden should understand about Trump is that ... the guy worships himself ... he would rather destroy the world than go to jail.

Work beyond the boundaries
Obamas should help Biden work beyond the boundaries ... to hell with the Party puppetry and anti-Russian propaganda. Putin is not a bad guy and he will work with you for the good of the world and for the good of Russia. Biden needs to set aside this bullshit anti-Russian propaganda ... initiate a diplomatic communication channel with Putin. This communication channel should be private that is not monitored by any government agency.

Biden should discuss his plans of indicting and convicting Trump with Putin. Be flexible and open minded to working with Russia and Putin. One phone call with Putin will shoot down North Korea's aggressive moves against the South. Kim Jong Un will never disobey or go against Putin as Russia is their lifeline against America.

Call Putin
So, if you want to contain North Korea's nuclear strike ... its simple ... call Putin ... with one phone call it can be done. Putin needs to know that he has a partner in the White House that can be trusted. Biden should have been friends with Putin right from the start ... he got the Ukraine war because of his lack of leadership.

If Biden keeps on giving the cold shoulder to Putin ... then obviously, Trump will capitalize on this leadership vacuum and as usual he will try to make everything about himself. Right now what Trump is saying is ... "let the world get nuked, if I get indicted". Trump has repeatedly promised that "very bad things will happen" if he gets indicted ... and this is what it is.

Just like Biden did nothing and sat on his ass ... amazed and shocked ... at Russia's war with Ukraine ... if he is going to remain being the same bum then ... the world will see a nuclear war begin. Wake the hell up Uncle Biden and understand what you are dealing with.

Obamas - Lead with or without Biden
Obamas need to understand that ... they can handle this situation with or without Biden. The leadership ahead is being considered in all configurations ... with or without Biden ... with or without Trump ... any option may take place.

This is a nuclear crisis and it is not Establishment based ... just like the Ukraine war, this is also a Trump sponsored and managed activity. Putin needs someone on the American side that he can rely on. Biden has mostly given a cold shoulder to Putin mainly because of party policies.

The truth about Putin is that ... he is a good person. He will work with you ... he will listen to you ... and he will work together on positive and constructive steps. If Biden has planned Trump's indictment and conviction ... then it means that Trump will no longer be able to hold any political office ... which means that Trump will automatically drop in Putin's priorities.

Putin works with power ... he likes to partner with people in power. If you can show that you can manage Biden to some extent and show a friendly and caring approach to Russia ... then you can get Putin on your side. Just one call to Putin will control Kim Jong Un. Putin is a good man ... he will help.

The greater good that will come out of working with Putin is that ... it will end the Ukraine war and you will get a very powerful entity with you against the Establishment in the next steps of world leadership.


Probably, Xi is in Moscow to discuss North Korea's nuclear strike on the South. North Korea has already boasted about recruiting 800,000 soldiers in one day to "fight against America". These moves should not be taken lightly.

The best way to de-escalate is via a dialogue with Putin.


Biden should tell Poland to stay the hell out of the Ukraine war. Poland was one of the key culprits that started World War II. Poland should not be trusted. There is strong Establishment influence in Poland.


It was plain stupid to issue an arrest warrant for Putin

It is Establishment malice to issue an arrest warrant for Putin. The International Criminal Court has been misused ... what has been done is extremely stupid on one side and it is purely malicious on the other side.

Issuing an arrest warrant for Putin means that the West is blocking all negotiations and diplomatic routes with Putin. It means that if Putin travels to any country in the West then he can face an arrest. This is utterly ridiculous and it can feed into the negative destructive wars that Trump would want if he gets indicted.

On one hand, you are about to indict and convict Trump ... and on the other hand, you have issued an arrest warrant for Putin. Guess what, you are pushing both of them into a team against the West ... the Establishment is using your own hands to create scenarios for a nuclear war.

If Biden is serious about going after Trump then its a must for him to befriend Putin. Otherwise, Trump can channelize destruction all around the world using Putin.

Biden or Obamas should talk to Putin and tell him that this arrest warrant will be terminated ... it was a stupid mistake carried out because of Establishment malice and this arrest warrant will get ripped apart. Its a must to inform this to Putin.