A million protesters on the streets in Paris ... and as usual the Jewish Establishment media in the US completely censors what’s happening there.

Why are protests against Macron not covered in the US? Because Macron is a banker puppet and America is itself in a massive debt crisis. If the American people connected "bankers to the debt crisis" then the same protests would happen in America.

The Bankers in America are trying to save their ass by censoring what's happening in Paris. The Bankers would rather prefer a nuclear war between America and Russia than being exposed in the massive debt crisis.

Chosen Ones creating Nuclear War scenarios
Interestingly, our Chosen Ones are gladly creating scenarios of a nuclear war again and again. This is not the first time we are saving the world from a nuclear war. America is on the verge of a nuclear war against Russia since the Obama Presidency. Then came Trump and then came Biden ... 14 years later nothing has changed ... we are still one step away from a nuclear war. Why? Because our Chosen Ones don't do shit other than loot trillions.

America is a burning building sinking $2 Trillion in debt every single year since Trump ... on the verge of a nuclear war ... and what are our leaders doing? Sex obsessed crooks. They are busy with shitty sexual gimmicks so that they can stick to the trillion dollar lottery and not having to bear the responsibilities that come with the White House. In their looting spree, we have come on the verge of nuclear war and they don't even realize it.

They sit there shocked and amazed ... "why is Russia starting new wars? Why is Kim Jong Un threatening nuclear strikes? Are these guys crazy?" No my dear friends, Putin and Kim Jong Un are not crazy ... crazy are our Chosen Ones ... who continue to loot by the trillions while we are on the verge of a nuclear war. That's what crazy is.

America’s Greedy Pig Crisis
America is in an Establishment crisis ... that's why, we pulled our Chosen Ones in the White House to solve this crisis. But instead of solving this crisis, our Chosen Ones have added a "Greedy Pig Crisis" on top of the Establishment crisis to America. Now, America is dealing with two types of simultaneous crises ... the Establishment crisis and a Greedy Pig crisis.

So now, in order to solve America's Establishment crisis ... we are having to first solve America's Greedy Pig crisis. If the Greedy Pig crisis can be solved ... its only then that the Establishment crisis can be worked upon. Our lovely Chosen Ones ... instead of solving the crisis that they were chosen for ... they themselves have become a crisis.

That's why we are trying to activate Michelle n Musk. Either we rectify the current Chosen Ones or we replace them with other leaders who will solve the crises that they won't. Until and unless we do this ... America will go down in debt by trillions of dollars every year and we will remain on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia.


Trump warns of "death and destruction" if he gets indicted

... very interesting ... care to elaborate Mr. Trump? Lol.


Elon Musk - "I am sure it will be fine"

Musky ... do you know that ... your statement shows trust. You are apparently "trusting someone" that things will be fine ... that probably they will fix things and it will be fine. Isn't it?

My question is ... who are you trusting? Who are you trusting to fix these crises that everything will be fine? Do you see anyone out there that is stopping these nuclear wars? Do you see anyone out there that is able to reduce the national debt, let alone eliminate a debt of $30 Trillion? The Republican Party, the Democrat Party, the President or the Opposition or the top political advisers or the military advisers or the FBI or CIA or the Secret Service ... does anyone have a solution to eliminate a debt of $30 Trillion? Do you see anyone working on it?

Things are not fine Musky. Its only I have to get involved ... by God's grace ... and activate SM Groups and Obamas to fix the nuclear war issues. Its only then that we are able to stop nuclear wars. There is no one else in this level of the game.

And guess what? We have been doing this since the past 14 years. What was Obama's biggest accomplishment? He stopped a nuclear war between America and Russia. What was Trump's biggest accomplishment? He stopped a nuclear war between America and Russia. What is Biden's biggest accomplishment till date? He stopped a nuclear war between America and Russia.

If we don't get involved and show what's happening out there ... then we would have already been nuked. If we would not stop Biden's indictment of Trump ... and Kim Jong Un would have fired a nuclear missile at the South ... then the least damage even if we stopped the nuclear war within the Koreas would have been ... tens of millions of Koreans would have died within days in a nuclear war.

This is exactly what would have begun this week. You are sitting there and saying ... "it will be fine" ... mainly because of two reasons. You are trusting someone out there who will do what is right to keep things fine. And secondly because, you are used to living in a security shell that we continuously maintain for you.

But the news for you is that ... this level of the game that we are in ... we don't have anyone who is doing what is right. This person that you are trusting ... that he will keep everything fine ... this person does not exist. Everyone is clamoring and hunting for this person ... who will do what is right ... who will keep everyone safe ... who will fix what is wrong.

I shortlisted you for that role. That person that you are trusting ... who will do what is right ... that person is probably you, Musky. I just have to pull you in the top level games.