Yeah, even I see the efforts that Biden is trying to make to get re-elected ... making sure that he doesn't have primary challengers ... trying to indict Trump ... but the problem with Biden's re-election is that ... it will be a continued disaster for America for another 4 years.

With his current policies, Biden has little support to remain in the White House. This might seem to be good news for Trump ... but even his case is pretty much the same. Both of them don't have strong support to get the White House this time. The common reason being ... both of them don't know shit what has to be done out there ... both of them have accumulated trillions of additional debt every year ... and both of them have failed to live up to the responsibilities that were entrusted to them.

Trump and Biden might not get the White House in 2024
Given the White House to Trump or Biden in 2024 only means that ... we will get another $8 Trillion in additional debt ... all crises will continue ... and we will remain on the verge of the nuclear war with Russia as both of them have not touched the Establishment in any sphere whatsoever.

Yes, I have kept options open for Trump and Biden along with Elon Musk and Bill de Blasio ... but it doesn't mean that Trump and Biden actually have the support to get the White House. The "options" will work for them only and only when they fight for the "right policies" for America. Otherwise, no one sees a need for them in the White House.

Time to design the Presidential platform
This is the year where the Presidential platform is designed ... and then the candidates enter full campaign mode during the election year. We have already lost 3 months to inaction ... and both candidates remain unaware of what has to be done and how to bring about change in America. Thus, despite keeping options open for Trump and Biden ... it doesn't mean that they will get the White House in 2024. It is very possible that a third candidate may enter the White House.

Biden making blind moves to get re-elected
The fact that Biden tried to indict Trump shows the blind leadership that Biden is providing for America. He probably thought that ... he will loot trillions at every turn and then simply indict and convict Trump to get a second term. But this is not how the game is played Mr. Biden.

Trying to indict Trump without adequate preparations, you have only shown that you don't know all parameters involved in each step and you have not prepared to manage each parameter. You ignored Putin and Russia ... chose to remain a party puppet ... and the result of this blind policy was that ... Trump got a world superpower with hypersonic nuclear missiles at his disposal. Your lack of leadership, party puppetry and blind actions put the world at the risk of a nuclear war.

That's point number one. The second point that you have shown by simply trying to indict Trump without making any policy changes ... without stopping any exploitation system ... is that ... you are simply interested in getting re-elected. This is something very basic that every SM Group can see through.

So, yes ... if you want ... Trump has committed a lot of crimes ... you can indict and convict him ... but there is absolutely no guarantee that you will remain in the White House. This is not because you have convicted Trump ... it is mainly because you yourself have shown zero leadership.

Cannot allow a wacko in the White House
Trump and Biden might try to dismantle and compete against each other ... but in the long run ... as of now, none of them have the support needed to win the White House. It is mainly because of this reason, I am telling Michelle again and again ... we cannot allow a trouble maker to enter the White House just because our guys screwed it up.

What if a complete screw up enters the White House? We have to control this process ... we have to control who gets the White House. We already know that Trump and Biden don't have the support ... then we have to choose and design the leadership under a third candidate. It could be Elon Musk ... or Bill de Blasio ... or any third option.

Need to control the process
Its best to keep the process under our control. We controlled and got Trump and Biden the Presidency ... but they failed. Because they failed, we cannot simply sit silent and allow anyone to enter the White House. We already know all of the crises that America faces ... we know what SM Groups want ... we know the solutions that have to be implemented ... we just need to pick the right guy and put him on the right track ... and SM will help him become President.

I personally prefer Elon Musk ... he is a good guy with a lot of potential. If he doesn't want to run ... then feel free to explore and pull someone on the right track. We cannot waste this time ... this year is very important in designing the Presidential platform. If we do nothing ... then either we may get a continued shit show for another 4 years or a wacko who will not understand things and turn America into radioactive wastelands.