Trump Indicted
Well, look at the bright side ... Trump is popular again ... for the wrong reasons ... as usual. If you saw 2016 then Trump was very very popular ... for the wrong reasons ... he wanted to deport millions of immigrants ... ban Muslims from entering the United States ... and got a major sex scandal. Despite all of this negative publicity, Trump still became the President of the United States.

This process that Biden has begun ... it can very well work in Trump's favor ... giving him all of the publicity and coverage that he needs ... getting him billions worth of free publicity. This process will help Democrats only if there is a fast tracked conviction for at least one crime which should disable Trump from holding public office. Until and unless there is a conviction ... this process is only going to help Trump.

That's point number one ... the second point is ... a small advice for Trump is that ... SM helped you against all odds in 2016 because we had an Establishment puppet, Hillary GodDamn Clinton on the other side. All of your scandals would not compare to all of the disasters that she carried out in the world and the horrors that she could unleash in the future. Thus, irrespective of your bad publicity and wrong policies ... victory was given to you ... for the good of the Nation.

If you remember Mr. Trump, I told you again and again and again in your third year itself ... "we don't have Hillary on the other side ... we don't have Establishment puppets on the other side ... we don't have warmongers on the other side ... 2020 is a different ball game. You will lose if you don't change track." You remember me telling you that, right?

Trump stuck in 2016 campaign mode
SM maintained you under protective shields for the "good of America" ... I myself supported you with slogans like "Saving Trump is saving America". But when you fail to work on the responsibilities that are entrusted to you ... then all of these groups move away from you. You just become another guy who wants to be President. You no longer have that "niche" that separates you from the rest ... you are no longer seen as the champion that will save America.

You still seem to be stuck in 2016 campaign mode ... where you think that everything will work for you ... where all of your wrongdoings will be left aside ... where you will be given victories despite your wrong policies. But that's not the case anymore ... you have to realize the change in the equation out there. Since you failed to lead America and you failed to solve America's crises ... you have lost the trust of many SM Groups.

Trump and Biden are in the same boat as of now
The only good news that you have at this moment in time is that ... even Biden is not seen as America's savior ... even he has failed to lead and solve America's crises. So, even if Biden convicts you ... it is not going to guarantee him the White House. It is only going to be a favor for the Democrat Party by the elimination of a prominent Republican contender ... that's the best that Biden is going to achieve by convicting you.

As far as leading America and solving America's crises is concerned ... both of you are in the same boat. Nobody sees Trump and Biden as different. But Trump's weak side is that ... he has committed a lot of crimes ... he can have a lot of indictments ahead. This is one thing that differentiates Biden from Trump.

Yes, Biden has not solved America's crises ... but he has not led criminal activities as well. This is one place where Biden has an upper hand.

Uncle Biden … keep Putin on your side
The tip for you Uncle Biden is that ... its a must to keep Putin on your side. Putin is a good guy and he works with power. If Putin comes to know that Trump is going to get convicted ... then not only Putin but all international leaders will drop Trump like a dead rock. Trump will no longer have a strong malicious influence in foreign countries. Trump will not be seen as a possible next US President ... but he will be seen as a convict who is only financing disasters in America and in the world.

So, don't follow the Party ... sometimes you have to work beyond the boundaries to do what is right. If you work within the boundaries and within the current system & rules then the Establishment will rule over you and you will automatically become their puppet even without realizing it. Sometimes ... you have to break the damn system ... see the next 10 steps ahead of how things will fall into place with the current system ... and then work beyond boundaries to do what is right.

Working with Putin is something like that ... working with Putin is working beyond Establishment control and influence in several spheres ... especially when it comes to world peace and stability. We trained Trump on this very well ... there was no new war during the Trump Presidency ... mainly because Trump worked with Putin in several international scenarios to diffuse the friction and avoid wars.

Putin will rule Russia for as long as he wants … God willing
A strong advice to Obamas and Biden ... befriend Putin ... he is a good guy and he will help. Apart from being good ... another thing that you should know about Putin is that ... we have activated SM support for him a long time ago. God willing, he will remain the Russian President for as long as he wants and anyone who wants to take away his Presidency will be taken care of.

Lol. So, Putin is not going anywhere. He's been there for a long time and he will continue to be there for as long as he wants … God willing. It would be a good idea to be his friend and have him on your side.