America's economic decline continues by the trillions and we continue to remain on the edge of a nuclear war with Russia. Nothing has changed since Obama ... 3 chosen Presidents and all 3 failed to bring systemic change in America.

Michelle ... for how long do you think we will guide and protect America? Its already been 14 years in the game ... for how long do you think that we will continue this? The moment you or me are removed from the game ... a nuclear war will happen.

The "balance" that we maintain out there only ensures that a nuclear war will not happen. The Establishment remains untouched ... there are several attempts to start a conflict with Russia ... the Establishment will continue to pursue this track again and again and again.

We have already lost two good players in the game ... Angela Merkel and Abe Shinzo ... both of them due to health reasons. The Establishment skewed their food and drinks and made it impossible for them to lead. Even Putin is being targeted ... reports are there that even he is getting sick.

For how long do you think that you and me will remain in the game? The moment we get someone who doesn't give a shit about what you say ... then your control will be gone. The moment anything happens to me then ... I will be gone.

As a result ... our kids will get nuked Michelle ... our kids will get nuked. We can simply sit there only averting a nuclear war and our Chosen Ones can continue their trillions of loot again and again ... but eventually, you and me will move out of the game. The Establishment exists in its fullest strength ... its a massive entity ... they will pursue their goals. A nuked West & Russia ... China as the only world Superpower ... the entire world enslaved, controlled and dependent on them is their goal.

Is this why we are in Presidential leadership ... to see our children get nuked? Do nothing but loot? Only to save our ass from nukes and to eventually to see our children getting nuked?

Doing nothing but loot will make sure that our children will get nuked.