This page is for Pro-Trump SM Groups.

Its not 2016
Trump tries to keep on moving forward as if things are during 2016. He had many issues then and he was maintained under several protective shells ... mainly because, we had Hillary on the other side. For the good of America, Trump was protected and kept safe ... so that he could lead America into a new era.

Now, Trump is realizing that things are not as in 2016. We have been telling him since his third year itself that ... "there is no Hillary on the other side ... all of them are anti-war candidates ... you have to lead America out of its Establishment crisis in order to remain President" ... and Trump didn't listen.

Presidential Harassment
Now, if I tell Trump ... we will try to help you but you need to work with us and lead America right ... then Trump will say that "this is harassment ... this is Presidential harassment". So, if we try to help Trump in his bad times then he will try to blame his bad times on us. That's the problem with him. Trump is self-destructing all on his own since a long time now.

Trump’s Presidential Campaign in a limbo
Yes, Trump's Presidential campaign is in a limbo that is hanging on one thread ... and this thread is called "conviction". He has lost a major lawsuit and was found guilty of sexual assault. There are several lawsuits ahead and a single conviction can disqualify him from holding any public office thereon.

Trump can lead from within the Republican Party
But this is what the Pro-Trump Groups should understand ... its not necessary that Trump's political life ends with a conviction. Yes, he won't become President ever again ... but he could still continue to be the backbone of the Republican Party. He could still continue to guide the Republican Party on key issues, help in the creation of reforms and also help in the creation of good Presidents ahead.

We all know that Trump is in politics only to spend time ... these are his "creative ways" of spending the remaining years of his life. He wants to remain in politics just to be busy with somnething or the other. As far as I see it, instead of doing some stupid media show ... Trump can get involved in managing the Republican Party.

Options thinning down for Trump
Yes, options keep getting thinned down for Trump. First he was removed from the Presidency ... then he had the option to get re-elected but with some pre-conditions ... now, his chances to become President are quite bleak and if things keep going on the track as they are ... then we don't even know if Trump would get a chance to be involved in politics.

Everything is based upon the actions, policies and initiatives that the candidate takes. If they show no interest in working with me ... it shows that they have no interest in changing America at all. Then how am I supposed to help them? When they don't work with me then SM support starts falling for them ... and when SM support moves away then bullshit happens.

Options possible ahead
Since Pro-Trump Groups are asking for options ahead for Trump ... from my side what I can do is ... I can create a good role for him within the Republican Party. Chances for the White House at this moment in time are quite bleak for Trump ... but if he shows interest in leading America from within the Republican Party then ... I can create some options. And if Trump works on those options then SM Groups can be pulled to support and protect him to some extent. At least, it won't be as bad as it is going for him ... SM support can change a few things.

This is exactly what Obamas are doing, by the way. They don't care about being President ... but they are running the country from behind the scenes. Everyone loves and respect Obamas for the role that they are playing. Yes, they have not made great progress ... but they are good in security and they also stop a nuclear war with Russia. Yes, there are issues with the progress being made in the Obama-Biden combination ... but at least they are a part of the game at some level.

Trump is nowhere to be found in the game. He has not taken up any role and he keeps on self-destructing again and again ... more and more. Everything is interconnected ... watch what Trump does and I will keep you guys posted on his roles and how to take things forward.