Yes, many SM Groups are furious at CNN for giving a platform to Trump especially when he was found guilty of sexual assault. While it seems unreasonable for CNN to do something like that ... many say that Trump simply "bought" a Townhall on CNN. They say, Trump paid CNN to host a Townhall for him.

Trump has been using his Presidential loot in a lot of media activities ... to remove anti-Trump media personnel, to pull in pro-Trump personnel and also to fully sponsor media outlets to blow his horn. Just take a look at his Twitter feed and you will find several media guys always blowing Trump's horn and you will get the ones financed by Trump.

Trump sponsored media outlets
I had actually told Trump to break the Establishment monopoly in the media to stop the anti-Trump propaganda. Trump couldn't do anything much against the Establishment ... instead he chose to simply sponsor a few outlets to blow his horn. Unfortunately, these few outlets are no match to the mainstream media.

If you track how these outlets are getting their funds then you can actually track how Trump is channelizing his Presidential loot in America to these media channels. You might find some dummy companies in between that are used to move the funds.

Trump financing activities in the media, politics and war
The report is that ... not only Trump is channelizing funds to these small media outlets ... but he is also channelizing his funds to major media companies like Fox, CNN and other media giants. In politics, funds are being channelized to the GOP ... in war, funds are being channelized to Russia. It seems most of his "financial war chest" is located in China. Apparently, funds are being channelized to Russia via China.

As per SM request ... if this can be tracked via an official route then we can throttle Russia's war chest which would help to bring the Ukraine war to an end. SM is already tracking it via the Matrix ... but an open and official route is not tracking it yet. Tracking Trump's Presidential loot can help curb a lot of his negative and self-destruct activities. Not only we can stop the Ukraine war but we can also stop Trump from destroying himself more and more.

Money doesn’t matter
The tip for Trump on this would be … it doesn’t matter how much you spend in destabilizing the Biden Presidency by sponsoring wars and disasters … it doesn’t matter how much you spend in the media or in the GOP … money doesn’t matter in becoming President. Do you think that’s how Obama or Biden became President?

There are several billionaires who tried to become President using their money … in fact, in 2020 itself there were half a dozen billionaires trying to become President … but all of them were failed. Why? Because money doesn’t matter in who becomes President.

The only thing that matters in becoming President is … will you solve the Establishment crises or not? Will you work with us to dismantle malicious systems and to create new systems or not? That’s all that matters … everything else is put into place.