Lol. Well, you hit the nail on the head, Musky. Let me give you an interesting piece of information for you on this. Satanic Jews don't believe that they are the children of Adam and Eve. They have introduced a new character called "Lilith" ... who happens to be a Satanic creature in the form of a seductive woman. It seems ... Adam took a break from Eve and dated this sexual Satanic woman and had a lot of children with her.

These Satanic Jews believe that they are the children of Satan ... that their mother is actually Satan ... and they look like humans only because Adam was the father. This is why even today in Judaism ... if the mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish. If the mother is not Jewish then the children are not Jewish. They are not seeing Judaism as a "religion" ... they see it as a race ... as a species ... they see themselves as a special human species that is authorized to lie, steal, abuse, mislead and even kill the regular non-Jewish human beings who are the children of Eve.

And since God hates Satan ... since God will put Satan and all of his followers in hell ... they hate the regular human species that comes from Eve. That's why they hate God and all religions other than Satanism.

This might be a shock ... but I am not kidding. Just Google "Lilith in Judaism" and you will get the info. In fact, in Judaism, they love Lilith and they hate Eve. Lol.

So, when you say Soros hates humanity ... he indeed actually hates humanity ... since they think that they are a special human species that come from Satan.

This is the very foundation of all of the shit that comes from the Jewish Establishment in America and around the world. A bunch of Satanists are running America and key world organizations. Biden had to work on this ... but Uncle Biden is busy minting money for himself ... too busy to deal with any real issues, I guess.


Biden: Let's finish the job

You haven't even started the job Uncle Biden. You haven't done anything much that you were supposed to do. By saying "let's finish the job" ... if you are saying that you want to continue what you have done in this term ... then you should know that your first term is an economic disaster and your second term will be a bigger economic disaster ... that's if you continue on your current mass spending policies.

You need to first understand what has to be done ... start working on it ... and then you can say "let's finish the job" in your second term.