Well, the good news for Ron DeSantis is that ... Trump and Biden are doing everything possible to lose the White House in 2024. Trump has a long list of crimes ... he could get convicted and become ineligible for any government office. And Biden cares only about blowing up trillions again and again ... we have crossed a debt of $30 Trillion and he comes up with a $7 trillion budget. Biden's disastrous policies and actions literally beg for him to be removed from the White House.

Here is where Ron DeSantis comes into the picture. Ron DeSantis is pretty much Trump without the baggage ... it would be pretty easy to create leadership options for him.

Michelle - designing the next Presidency
This is what Michelle Obama should keep in mind ... if our Chosen Ones don't give a shit about America then America won't give a shit about them. If they cannot bring the reforms that America needs, then no one sees a use for them being in the White House. This is the very baseline to maintain the Presidency ... this is the very reason why they were given the Presidency.

Trump and Biden – Dismal failures
If you look at both ... Trump and Biden ... both have been dismal failures in bringing any reforms in America. I have been warning them since Biden's second year that ... if they cannot lead then SM will work on alternate options to lead America. We are pretty much in this state because of their inaction and soon decisions will be made on who will enter the White House in 2024.

I would have loved to keep the Presidency with Democrats but Biden has failed to lead America ... and even Elon Musk has not risen to compete against Biden. Thus, the current Democrat leader is a failure and we don't have an appropriate replacement for him from the Democrat side either.

Movement towards the Republican side
Its because of this that there is a shift towards the Republican side for the Presidency. To the extent that ... I have recently got a request to create leadership options for Ron DeSantis. The good thing about his candidacy that Pro-Republican groups are saying is that ... we have already structured him to follow Trump in all policies and actions ... which includes being Pro-Russia and anti-war.

DeSantis being groomed for the Presidency
Which means that ... DeSantis is indirectly being trained to pick off where Trump left. This is something that Biden had to do ... to pick off where Trump left ... but he failed. So, they are already gearing up DeSantis for the same.

Guide DeSantis for reforms needed
Nothing is finalized yet ... anything can happen in the future ... but I need you to prep for a DeSantis Presidency. Its quite easy ... Elon Musk is already connected with DeSantis ... work with Musky to connect with DeSantis.

If DeSantis agrees to reform America then SM will deliver him a crushing victory against Trump and Biden. I am being asked to pull DeSantis in the game. Elon Musk didn't lead as a Presidential candidate ... maybe he can play a role in backend Presidential leadership. He can help in the creation of the next Presidents.

Presidencies move between Democrats and Republicans
Another thing that Michelle needs to keep in mind is that ... you have to be flexible as to who will get the Presidency ... it can be Democrats or Republicans. Even I would have loved to keep the Presidency with Democrats ... but when Dems fail to make any reforms then automatically the support is removed for them and options are looked for among the Republicans.

Trump's lack of action created the Biden Presidency ... and Biden's lack of action is creating the DeSantis Presidency. Nothing is finalized yet ... but when there are requests to create Presidential options for DeSantis ... it means that SM Groups are moving in favor of DeSantis. Getting SM support means Presidential victory ... more the SM support, more the chances of victory. SM support for DeSantis has begun.