Okay ... Uncle Biden ... here is a sign that determines how "successful" your Presidency is ... "the debt ceiling". You are saying that ... "look at the jobs! Look at the growing economy! Look at the rise of small businesses! I am taxing the rich! I am reducing the deficit! I am cutting the spending!"

If all of this is true and if you are actually in the right direction ... then please tell me why do you have to raise the debt ceiling every single year of your Presidency? Why do we have to borrow more just to make the ends meet? Why is America, the greatest nation on the planet, on the verge of default every single year if the debt ceiling is not raised?

How are you a successful country when you have to borrow more and more and more every single year just to pay your bills? How are you a successful country when you go down in debt by the trillions every single year?

This is the "economic fact" where Presidents simply lie and mislead the American people. Even Trump sat there blowing his horn saying "look at the jobs, look at the jobs" when we were going down trillions in debt during his Presidency ... he also raised the debt ceiling every single year. How are you any different to Trump, Uncle Biden?

Chosen Ones busy on a looting spree
That's why SM Groups say that ... our Chosen Ones don't solve any problem in America ... but instead they turn a blind eye to all of the key problems and go on a looting spree. Isn't this the truth?

Trump and Biden – Failed Presidents
Trump was chosen to save America ... he didn't do shit ... he made zero reforms ... he didn't address a single major crisis other than wars. I give Trump credit for ending the War on Terror and stopping all new wars ... I appreciate it and give him due credit for it. But other than that, he didn't do shit and left America burning in all of its crises.

Because Trump didn't do shit ... you were chosen to save America ... and look what you are doing. Turning a blind eye to all of America's crises ... going on a looting spree ... creating trillions in debt and raising the debt limit every single year ... and trying to blow your horn even in this scenario? Is this what you call Presidential leadership? Or is this simply scamming the American people, Uncle Biden?

Biden performing worse than Trump
How are you any different than Trump? Yes, I agree ... Michelle maintains a stronger security shell for me ... but along with your economic disasters ... you are not even able to stop the stupid Ukraine war. People are dying non-stop by the thousands under your watch ... billions are being spent ... tens of thousands of people are becoming homeless every month ... because of a stupid war that can easily be stopped.

Such a thing didn't happen during the Trump Presidency ... at least, Trump didn't let the worst happen in America or around the world. He didn't lead well ... but he definitely dodged all disasters. Uncle Biden ... you should realize that your Presidency is much worse than Trump's.

We told you this seeing your Presidential platform itself ... even before you stepped in the White House ... that your leadership will be worse than Trump's ... but you didn't understand then. And now, you see everything in facts.

You should keep in mind that ... it is because of your lack of action that a Republican Presidency is in the making. Anything can happen.