About Trump's legal issues?
I have absolutely nothing to do with Trump's legal issues. A criminal is in trouble because of his crimes ... we have nothing to do with it. In fact, we tried to help him and warn him several times ... that all of these activities will backfire ... but he didn't care to listen.

Our job is of a "think tank" ... to analyze, guide, help and support Presidential candidates. To add to this ... when SM Groups get involved, they make everything even more easy. But when our guys don't listen to us and they continue to do self-destructive activities ... then we are not to be blamed. Trump has done nothing for us ... we owe him nothing. He has never done anything for us.

The Biden Presidency is hanging by the thread
Its not only Trump that is in trouble ... even the Biden Presidency is hanging by the thread. Even Biden doesn't listen to shit other than avoiding a nuclear war and maintain some security. I am not to be blamed if Biden loses 2024 ... he is going to lose because of his own inaction. Just like we guided and helped Trump ... we also showed the issues with Biden's policies a hundred times ... but he doesn't listen and he doesn't change. So, how am I supposed to be blamed for it?

If he is working with me ... working on actions and policies that we have designed ... then yes, I will step forward and take responsibility. But this is not the case ... our candidates are on a self-destructive looting spree. Now, when they have legal issues or if their Presidency is hanging by the thread ... I am not to be blamed.

Security is only the first step in the game
This is what Michelle should understand about security in our work. Firstly, please don't misunderstand that we are not grateful for the security ... but the issue that all SM Groups worry about is that ... there is nothing more than security.

Let me explain this with an example. Imagine that you are in a war zone and your finest soldiers have entered this war zone. Your soldiers are living in a camp ... you provide the security and amenities for this camp. Its good ... its nice ... its needed ... but then, that's all that's done.

A war is being waged all around them ... people are dying, countries are being destroyed ... but all that your finest soldiers do is ... eat and live in a camp that is secured by you. The soldiers don't fight any battle ... they don't face the enemy ... they don't take down enemy elements ... they make zero progress against the enemy. The enemy keeps on winning ... its flourishing and dominating more than ever. Our Chosen Ones don't care to work with us and they join the looting spree of the enemy ... and drive trillions more in profits for the enemy.

And what do your finest soldiers do? They do nothing more than eating and sleeping in a camp that is secured by you. Amenities and security are needed ... these are basic requirements ... but if that's all your soldiers are going to do ... while the enemy is creating pandemics & wars, looting by the trillions and we are on the verge of a nuclear conflict ... then does this configuration makes sense?

Security is needed and its only the first step in the game. We need Presidential coordination so that we can fight this damn battle. We have to organize our forces, put strategies and policies into action ... dismantle the enemy to save our Nation. None of this has been done since the past 2 Presidencies ... both Trump and Biden have been complete failures ... not a single step was taken ahead in the right direction ... let alone stand up to the enemy and defeat the enemy in any sphere.

Although, we are grateful and thankful for the security ... Michelle should understand that America stagnates, trillions continue to pile up as debt, wars & death continue to happen around the world ... because our Chosen Ones don't do shit other than pocket money for themselves. They make zero progress and they don't take a single step against the enemy.

A simple tip for you is that ... don't fret too much against guys who don't listen. Connect with Ron DeSantis ... see if he can take the work forward. America's destiny should not depend on one or two candidates. If one guy doesn't care to do what is right for America ... then simply work with the next guy that can fight for America.

Look into the Senate and State Levels
Moreover, “Presidential coordination” is not a must either. It would be great if there is Presidential coordination … as the President would get all of the credit and he can consolidate his Presidency. But this is a “political movement” … it can be initiated using Senators and Governors as well.

Its something like AOC initiated the concept of Climate Change and the Green New Deal. Its total bullshit what she introduced but even then … you can see several politicians copying the same and the current President is implementing it at some level.

So, change in America can be initiated at the Senate and State level also. These Senators and Governors can get a clear shot to the Presidency when they work on our policies. If you are tired with Trump and Biden … work with DeSantis … if not DeSantis … then work with several Democrat Senators and Governors. It will open up many options for you.

I am telling you this because … we want to retain Obamas in the game … irrespective of what happens to Trump and Biden. You have already proven yourself excellently in the sphere of security … now, we need to move into the political sphere … at the Presidential level or the Senate level or the Governor level. The good thing about using Democrat Senators and Governors would be that … we can keep the movement in the fold of the Democrat Party. It can help Biden get a victory and help in the creation of more Democrat Presidents ahead.