Will I help Trump if he asks for help?
Well, firstly ... one should understand that ... if someone asks for your help then it actually means that he trusts you at some level ... that he needs your support and he trusts you in helping you in that particular crisis. Till date, what has happened is ... either Ivanka started tweeting about the problems or Pro-Trump groups approached for help. In both cases there was no direct request from Trump.

When we approached and helped without any direct request from the person who needed the help ... this person always looked at us with suspicion and doubt. He was ready to blame us for the crisis that he was facing. And when we would pull him out of the crisis that he was facing ... we would get hate and opposition instead of thanks.

Now, if you ask whether we would help Trump if he asked ... then the answer would be yes. But ... but ... the actual help that he can get will depend upon what he is asking for. For example ... if Trump gets a 100 years in jail for his several crimes ... and then if he asks for our help ... then obviously, this "help" that he is requesting ... is not about making him President. It is about reducing his jail sentence or getting him a pardon.

If Trump asks for help in becoming President ... then he should understand that ... as long as he is not convicted of any crime ... then technically he is still free to run for any office. But since he already has indictments against him then there is no actual guarantee that he will become President.

Being a good human being is about helping others and Trump is not a completely bad person. Like I said before ... he is the best President and also the worst President that America had. We have some history with Trump and we did a few good things together ... so, if Trump asks for help ... I am not going to be an asshole and totally reject him. He is not like Hillary Clinton who is all evil and no good for the people.

On the verge of deciding Trump’s political fate?
By the way, why are you guys so worried about whether I will help Trump or not? Are you guys on the verge of making a decision about Trump's political fate? Hmmm ... this is interesting. Are you guys thinking ... Biden didn't change much ... let's switch back to Trump ... or should we dump Trump? 

Quit relying only on Trump and Biden
Well, actually ... I am fed up of relying only on one person to lead and change America. The better strategy right now is not to put your hopes only on the President to lead America. Its very easy to channelize the policies into the mainstream using any House Rep or Senator or Governor as well. We already have a massive influence in the media ... its easy to sway the country in the right direction.

Increasing chances of success by 600 times
When we spread our network to 535 Congressmen/women and 50 Governors ... we get about 600 points of influence. Right now, we are just depending on one point of influence ... that is the President. But if we spread our work to 600 other influential points then our chances of success increases by 600 times.

Moving out of cycles of stagnation
One President flips and doesn't work with us ... then we are wasting 4 years by depending only on one person. We have wasted two Presidencies on this track. This cycle of stagnation can go on forever. Instead, if we start moving into both parties at the Senate, House and State levels ... then we will know who the assholes are that will hold America back and who the champions are that will take America forward.

It will be very easy for us to decide who to keep in the office and who should be flushed out. Our chances of success increase by 600 times in every step and in every policy. If any candidate doesn't want to move ahead with our policy ... then we simply work with the next candidate or even move it through the other party. It gives us great flexibility to operate.

So, you guys keep on thinking Trump or Biden ... Trump or Biden ... Trump or Biden ... let's leave them aside. If the President works with us then it is good ... but if he doesn't then why waste time? Let's restructure and channelize our work through 600 points of influence. More the number of points that join together, the more powerful the movement becomes ... the easier it will be to create policies.

Simple Example - Marketing of Climate Change
An example of this is policies on Climate Change by AOC. The Green New Deal is total bullshit ... and the spending of trillions of taxpayer money on Climate Change is also total bullshit. But see how a House Rep ended up creating a Presidential platform and got the President working on Climate Change.

Who initiated the talks on Climate Change? One House Rep. Who put the Green New Deal forward? One House Rep. The policy was carried around by the media ... given full fledged publicity ... several Congressmen and Presidential hopefuls committed to Climate Change. And soon, we had the President creating policies for Climate Change.

This is a good example of how one House Rep can change the direction of the country. "Creation of a movement" is what got things done. So, let's stop relying on one guy in the White House. Yes, its a great accomplishment that we are defeating Establishment puppets and placing our Chosen guys in the White House ... but only this much is not helping. Nothing has changed much.

Let's re-strategize a little bit and increase our chances of success by 600 times.