"It has to be Biden"?
Some groups want to support Biden for 2024? Lol. Well, here's the bottom line for me ... any candidate that works with me, protects and supports my project ... then he can have the White House. I don't care if it is Biden or Ron DeSantis or anybody. As long as America will get its reforms and progress is being made ... I will work with and support this guy for President. This is my basic formula.

The problem that we got till date is ... these guys give only signals and when we give the White House to them ... they don't do shit. Its like they are scamming us and fooling SM Groups ... owing to which SM Groups are furious and one thing is leading to another.

Verify … verify … verify
As long as you can practically "verify" that the candidate is working with me, supporting and protecting our works ... then I don't have a problem with the guy that you choose. Don't blindly give the Presidency to anyone ... verify ... verify ... verify. We have wasted a truck load of time and got a truck load of debt because we did not "verify".

Failing Establishment candidates is not enough
You went along with the strategy that I gave for each candidate and the only thing that you guys verified was that the candidate was not an Establishment puppet. This verification is the first step in choosing the right candidate. But the issue is that ... we are successfully failing Establishment candidates and giving the Presidency to our Chosen Ones ... but we are not verifying if our Chosen Ones will actually work with us to reform America. Our Chosen Ones are busy doing some shit of their own ... which involves pocketing the moolah and turning a blind eye to all of the crises that they are supposed to solve.

We are very successful in the first step of failing Establishment candidates ... but all of the next steps are a complete failure as no progress is made and not a single step is taken forward.

Uncle Biden is fine … but
SM Groups complain that our Chosen Ones are simply using our project as a "gimmick" to get the Presidency. If you want to choose Uncle Biden ... go ahead ... I don't have a problem. The guy is actually very nice and patient with me ... its not that I don't like the guy. But has he worked with us? Has he reformed America in any way? Has he addressed any Establishment crisis? No ... nothing at all.

Our work is not Pro-Biden or Pro-Trump ... our work is Pro-America ... we are Pro-People first. If Biden fights for America then we are Pro-Biden … otherwise, we are not. If the candidate cannot fight for America ... if he cannot fight for the people ... then the candidate is mostly useless for America and our project.

Stuck in a cycle of scams
We are picking candidates based on "assumptions and expectations" ... giving them the Presidency and then "hoping" for them to do what is right. We are getting one failure after another ... we are wasting 4 years at a time. For how long is this supposed to continue?

You should understand that "we are getting scammed" ... America is getting scammed ... we are stuck in a cycle of scams. Choose whoever you want ... but "verify" the next steps as well. If there is no coordination with us then there will be no reforms for America ... this has been the truth since the last two Presidencies.

Expanding the spectrum
It is for this reason ... I am expanding the spectrum of the project a little bit. We thought and assumed that our guys will have the same spirit and yearning to fight for America and fix all crises. But that does not seem to be the case ... that's why ... instead of relying only on one candidate and waste 4 years to get another replacement ... we should open the opportunities for 600 other political leaders.

Its great if we can get someone in the White House who will work with us to fight for America ... it will make everything very easy. But if not ... then quit wasting time on one guy. We know exactly how to create a movement and control the direction of the country. This is exactly what you and me specialize in ... Nation Management.

Just help Michelle get a few guys among the 600 and we will change America's future together.