US state removes Bible from schools

Bravo ... happening in the largest Christian country in the world.

Amusingly, the largest Christian country in the world has hundreds of politicians and media outlets who immediately fight for Israel and Jews when a single statement is made against them ... but when it comes to Christ and Christianity there is silence and fear. How many politicians stood up for the Bible? None. How many media outlets stood up for the Bible? None. Why? Why the silence and fear to stand up for your own faith?

The largest Christian country in the world needs someone who can fight for Christ and Christianity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't believe in heaven or the after life?

Mr. Arnold ... trust me ... once you are terminated ... you will be back.


Pence is running for 2024?
Seems like Mike Pence wants to hang Trump's chances of becoming President again. Lol. Mike Pence's slogan will probably be ... "Hang Trump 2024! Hang Trump 2024!!"

Well, he has made one thing pretty clear ... he doesn't want to be Trump's VP ever again. Pence hitting the campaign trail would be like ... your wife going on a campaign trail telling everyone what a shitty husband you are. Lol. Pence is going to get a lot of support from Democrat donors, probably.

Nikki Haley is not going to be President
She is a gold digger that works like a chameleon. She will change her colors ... her religion ... her affiliation ... and her support for anyone ... as long as it gets her more money and power. She climbs the ladder by selling her beliefs.

Interestingly, she is another Trump appointee that is running for President. This shows that Trump's own staff doesn't believe that he was a good President and that they can do better than him. Lol.

Media mocked for rushing to downplay Biden's fall

An 80 year old guy tripped over something and fell. Is this what Fox News calls "news"?

SE Cupp: Why Trump’s attack on Kayleigh McEnany backfired

Kayleigh McEnany is the best thing that happened to Trump in the media during his Presidency. Screw what Trump says about her ... Kayleigh McEnany is a good addition to American democracy. Lady ... you do your job and continue your fight for America with or without Trump. You are doing good.

CNN grills Biden official on $3 billion Pentagon 'accounting error'

Well, the news for you CNN is that ... its not just $3 billion that go unaccounted for in the Pentagon ... but there are hundreds of billions that go unaccounted for in the Pentagon. We blow up a trillion dollars on defense and hundreds of billions go in waste. Search for the term "Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste".

Russia bans 500 Americans from Russia including Obama and CNN journalists

This seems more like an anti-Trump list. Apparently, Trump has given this list to Russia telling them that these are the people against Russia ... so, please ban them.

This is probably one of the ways that Trump is fuming about his forthcoming convictions.