So, Trump was going to get additional indictments this week ... that's why, you guys were asking me if I will help Trump or not?

Trump – You are a Democrat!
Its very plain and simple ... I already spent 4 years being hated by Trump and had Trump standing against me every time I helped him "when he did not ask for help". He always looked at me with suspicion, hate and called me a "Democrat". 

Lol. Yes, Trump thought that I was a Democrat because Obamas were protecting me. Since the Democrat Party was investigating him, he hated me as well. So, why should I jump into this mess all over again?

Need to get rid of the hate and suspicion
If Trump needs my help then let him contact me and I will see what I can do. I am not refusing to help Trump, am I? I will be just and fair with him. When someone contacts you for help ... it means that he needs you and that he trusts you at some level. At least, we will get rid of this hate and suspicion when Trump will contact me. How is it fair that I get only hate and suspicion from the same person that I am helping?

Trump thinks its 2016
I hope Pro-Trump groups are satisfied with this proposal. And just so that you know, we have alerted Trump several times that "this is not 2016 ... this is not 2016 ... you do not have the same security shields as then ... you do not have the same SM support as then" ... but he doesn't seem to realize. He is going about his Presidential campaign as if nothing happened since the past 6 years.

We don't have Hillary on the other side ... Trump was already given the White House ... he averted wars but only stagnated the country and was busy looting while America was drowning in debt. To add to that, he has a long list of massive crimes at several levels ... of financing wars and pandemics ... creating an insurrection, classified documents, taxes, business dealings and what not. With this record he wants another Presidential term with the same SM support that he had in 2016? Heh ... it doesn't work that way.

Will Trump be convicted?
Yes, we already have this information ... there are pretty high chances of Trump getting convicted ... not only just one conviction but there can be several convictions.

However, this is not new information ... we told this to Trump during his third year itself that several entities want him in jail and they are activating the jail track for him. I am on the Board of Directors for Nation Management ... we get to know of a few things even before they happen as SM tracks the activities of several entities in America.

As soon as Trump got elected, we told him that ... he is going to get impeached. He was like "what the hell? I just became President ... why would anyone impeach me?" And before you know it ... in a single term he got impeached twice ... not once but twice.

In this third year itself ... we told him that the "jail track" is activated for him. As usual he became furious and did nothing to avert what was coming next. Today, its raining indictments for him.

We are into Nation Management ... you should understand a few things when we warn you about them. We didn't want you impeached or indicted ... nor do we want you in jail ... but we warned you about it, as we know what other entities are up to.

Why do I want to help despite the horrible experience with him?
Well, Trump is not just any ordinary criminal. We have some history with him ... we did a few nice things together ... he has stopped all new wars and disasters from happening. Secondly, he has trillions of loot via the Presidency. Working with Trump means channelizing hundreds of billions to Africa and helping millions of people.

So, yes ... it is again for the good of the people that we will help him out. This changes "on the ground facts" against Trump. Today, many people see Trump as a traitor who turned against the purpose he was chosen for and a criminal who has carried out several massive crimes. But once he starts working with us on some projects ... he also becomes the guy who is helping millions of people in need in Africa.

Not to mention, Trump already knows about work for America ... he can obviously pull some strings to pull funding for our work as well. Lastly, we can create a role for him within the Republican party ... giving us a base and support in the Republican party to create new legislation.

Trump is not a useless routine criminal
There is some good that Trump can still do. This gives us a "reason" to pull some support for him to help him out in ways that are possible. SM works with facts ... I have to give them the facts that they want ... so that some change can be created. Its about creating "value for Trump". When Trump gets involved in some good projects ... it automatically creates value for him ... and leads to the creation of protective shells for him.

The bottom line is ... if Trump contacts me then I will see how we can help him. As of now, I am not involved in the investigations or indictments or forthcoming convictions against Trump. If he doesn't contact me then you guys decide what has to be done ... I will leave it upto you.

Use the routine formula ... verify facts ... use logic to do what is right for America.