Okay ... this is how it is. The Satanic Establishment uses its control points in the media, politics and celebrities for its propaganda. To identify Establishment puppets and control points in these circles ... look what they do and how it correlates with the Establishment propaganda.

Establishment propaganda channelized via celebrities
Megan Fox cross-dressing her sons is not about a "mother forcing her sons to wear girl clothes" ... this an Establishment puppet promoting the LGBTQ propaganda using her children. This is how Establishment puppets get their bread and butter ... this is a part of their contracts and work ... to do whatever the Establishment wants and support Establishment activities and propaganda.

They tie up Megan Fox in some contracts ... giving her some work ... and tell her to do this shit with her sons. Its about her bread and butter. Its not about a mother ... its not about sons ... its about how the Establishment controls your bread & butter and then uses you for its propaganda. This is how the Establishment controls its puppets in all spheres ... they have "control points" on each puppet. Sometimes its bread & butter ... sometimes its legal issues ... sometimes health ... and sometimes even mere survival. And sometimes ... they prefer to use Jews as the ideology coincides.

Desperation for wealth, power and success
And when Megan Fox says ... “irregardless of how desperate you may become at any given time to acquire wealth, power, success, or fame – never use children as leverage or social currency, especially under malevolent and erroneous pretense,” ... she is actually being a hypocrite ... because it is exactly what she is doing. She is literally using her own children to promote the propaganda of a Satanic Establishment in the American society.

Look at her statement ... in her own statement she is talking about "desperation for wealth, power and success ... and using children as leverage". Its exactly what she is doing ... she is not talking about others ... but she is talking about herself and her scenario.

She is trying to deflect you away because of your questions ... trying to show that she is a protective mother ... but she is actually revealing the truth about herself.


Man arrested while citing Bible verse in protest of Pride event, then video evidence sinks case

Talk about the Bible at a Pride event and you get tossed in jail. Who is running America? Christians or the Satanic Establishment?