Well, what this statement actually says is that ... its dawning onto Trump that he might get convicted.

These are the milestones that we warned Trump about even before they happened.

  • One. He will drop in polls and popularity.
  • Two. He will lose the House and Senate.
  • Three. He will get impeached.
  • Four. He will lose his re-election.
  • Five. He will lose all lawsuits against Biden's victory.
  • Six. He will get indicted.
  • Seven. He will get convicted.

Out of 7 ... till date ... 6 have already come true.

Trump is standing there trashing his prosecutors. It helped in 2016 because Trump was the Chosen One ... Trump's opposition was taken down ... Trump was chosen to do great things for America and the little wrong that he had done didn't matter.

But its not 2016 anymore ... and Trump doesn't have "little wrong" with him ... he has a truck load of crimes ... he was already given the White House and he didn't do shit for America. The results of lawsuits against Trump can be a little bit different this time. Its good that its dawning onto Trump what might happen.

No, this is not "predicting" what would happen next. We get info on what some entities are working on in America. Based upon their activities, what they are aiming for and the momentum that they are creating to meet their goals ... we say what will probably happen next. Its not plain predictions ... its based upon on-the-ground activities of several entities. More the entities and groups join the activity, the more likely it will succeed.

Trump could easily derail all of the above activities ... he could easily change course. In fact, we showed him what to do that will help him change this course ... but he didn't coordinate nor did he change what was coming next.

Maybe Trump is trying to say that "he will remain in politics" even if he is convicted
Yes, it is possible ... but there are some key conditions required to make this happen ... that is, other than coordinating with us.

I don't know if you realize that ... the biggest issue that you will face after convictions is "hundreds of years in jail". Please do the Maths with your lawyers ... as in each case where you are indicted ... you are facing 100 plus years in jail. So, if you are convicted in all of the cases ... just to understand the Maths ... you are looking at 200 or 300 or 400 years in jail.

If you want to remain in American politics even after you are convicted ... I am okay with it ... but we also need to see the feasibility for the same. The biggest issue that will destroy any chances of you being in politics is "hundreds of years" in jail.

I think you should start working with your lawyers to see how to manage that.

Boris Johnson resigns from the UK parliament
Boris Johnson was actually the Trump in UK. He was supported by SM Groups in UK ... brought to power ... so that, he could work with Trump. The fact that Boris Johnson has been completely flushed out from the UK parliament ... it shows that Trump's re-entry in political office is quite bleak. In a way, what happens to Boris Johnson in the UK is a reflection to what is planned to happen to Trump in the US ... because both of these candidates came to power via SM support. None of them had the talent to get these positions on their own.

However, thanks for supporting Erdogan ... I am glad that he is re-elected. Putin and Erdogan are two world leaders that have great leadership potential and they are constantly being maintained in office. Its good ... thank you. I like both of them.