So, Elon Musk wants to know what I am thinking?
Lol ... Musky, I was thinking that ... if our guys spent time in changing the world as the same time that they spend in checking my browsing history ... then we would be living in a different world by now. Lol.

Trust me, it is more relaxing ... rather than watch one of your Chosen President walk down the aisle towards the electric chair ... and watch another Chosen President screw America by the trillions and trillions again and again and again.

Want me to give you some fun info? Here it is ...

Donald Trump is going to be Biden's Osama bin Laden
You remember ... Obama went about saying "I got Bin Laden! I got Bin Laden!!" He used it as a "victory card" to support his re-election. It was a feather in his hat that he proudly wore.

Biden is also trying to repeat the same gimmick ... he is trying to hunt down some terrorists in Syria and Iraq ... and he is claiming that he got the "second in command ... the most wanted ... chief operative" and bla bla bla. He is just trying to use the "Bin Laden effect" to boost his re-election chances.

Till now, Biden has failed in this approach because the damn War on Terror is itself over. Looking for a terrorist now to boost your image is like ... sitting like a vulture and a scavenger in a barren war field, looking for a bone to support yourself.

But interestingly, times have changed for Uncle Biden ... Biden has finally found his Osama bin Laden ... and this Bin Laden's American name happens to be Donald Trump. Lol. Very soon ... just like Obama went around saying "I got Bin Laden! I got Bin Laden!!" Uncle Biden will be going around with his victory cry "I got Donald Trump! I got Donald Trump!!" Lol. Yes, Uncle Biden ... your Osama bin Laden was right under your nose all the time ... you didn't have to look into Syria or Iraq.

Good news for Biden
Well Uncle Biden ... the good news that I get for you is that ... right now, the indictments haven't shaken the political spectrum yet. But once Trump gets convicted ... I am being informed that ... it will be a victory for you that is equivalent to Obama's Bin Laden victory. Its not going to be great change but it will have some positive effect.

Helpful tip for Trump
Mr. Trump ... you are on a track where a conviction is imminent. There is about a 90% chance that you will get convicted. As of now ... a path to the Presidency is a long shot. Your immediate and top most priority should be to get a pardon or reduce your jail sentences.

There are several entities involved in this operation ... both SM and Establishment entities. I have repeatedly told you that since your third year itself both SM and Establishment entities want you out of office and you might face impeachment as well as jail. As far as SM Groups see it ... you are still trying to appease the Satanic Establishment by asking Putin to set up a Russian Embassy in Jerusalem. This will backfire on you.

You should start some major projects in Africa ... this will help you on this track ... that's apart from understanding how you have lead and guide the Republican party.

Tip for Biden:  Trump can be extremely vulnerable and paranoid
Trump is on track to jail ... this is not in the planning phase anymore ... it is in the implementation phase. These are not like election fraud lawsuits ... but these are criminal lawsuits ... if he loses these cases then he goes straight to jail. That too, he can face hundreds of years in jail. Trump can be extremely vulnerable and paranoid in this phase.

Firstly, it is extremely important for you to maintain a continuous communication channel with Putin. Trump has already tried to create a nuclear war so that he can escape to China in the chaos of this war. He will throw anyone under the bus when it comes to saving himself. He can throw half of the world under the bus, just to save himself.

Secondly, Trump himself knows that he is guilty and that he will get convicted ... and thus he needs this war to flee to China. See how Trump is freaking out when the walls are closing in on him. He can become extremely vulnerable and destructive. That's why even we are not giving him much information on his forthcoming indictments or convictions. Trump can easily flip against us ... and he can flip against anyone at this moment in time.

Track Trump ... so that you know what he is doing and you can control his vulnerabilities. With every step you move forward with indictments and convictions ... Trump should be very carefully managed at the same time.

For the good of the Nation and for the good of the world ... Democrats should coordinate with Putin to keep the world under control. The world should not be controlled by extremely vulnerable people and the world should not get destroyed only because one guy is getting convicted.