Yes, yes ... I saw Trump's "signals" that he will be contacting us. Lol. These are the basic points that all SM Groups already know about these "signals".

Firstly, if there was real intent in contacting me ... they wouldn't use "signals". They would actually send a person to my residence and book a time to talk.

Secondly, the apparent use of these "signals" is that ... "please don't write anything against me ... I will contact you." They are just trying to control what I write about them. They think that ... when I write positive, good things happen to them ... and when I write negative, bad things happen to them. It actually shows their limited understanding of how things work.

Strategy is only one side of the coin
When I write ... it is mainly about these points.

  • Strategy. Its strategy ... understanding what's happening ... how to dodge disasters ... understanding what each entity is doing ... and how to win in each scenario. When I write this info ... the President is given the support to win using the given strategy.
  • Matrix Activities. It might be SM Groups or Establishment entities ... their activities are like a parallel form of Nation Management. I give their information so that the President understands what can happen next.

Its not only about "me" wanting something and making stuff happen ... strategy is only one side of the coin … its also about what several entities are working upon. The track to jail for Trump had been activated during his third year itself. Trump himself gave all of the reasons for this track to be activated and then he went around doing more and more criminal activities which consolidated this track.

Matrix Activities – A parallel realm of Nation Management
So, Trump going to jail is not about me writing about Trump going to jail ... it is about his own activities and what SM and Establishment entities are planning and working on next. It doesn't matter if I write plus or minus about Trump ... it will not change what Trump has done and it will not change what Matrix entities are working on.

My writing has nothing to do with it ... but yes, I also do strategy. I show how Trump can dodge jail and reduce his sentences. But this strategy will not work until and unless Trump coordinates and makes ground level change. Trump needs to do a few good things and create value for himself. And if Trump doesn't do that ... then it means that the strategy will remain only as a plan on paper and Trump is sticking to his track record of criminal activities.

It takes two to tango
That's the message that SM Groups get ... that Trump has no intention of changing anything and he is sticking to his criminal record ... and thus, I will have very less influence in changing what's happening out there. It takes two to tango ... if Trump doesn't care then there is very little I can do for him.

Trump should understand that ... the situation that he is in right now ... it is mainly because of his own activities and what SM and Establishment elements are doing. I have very little to do with Trump's indictments and convictions.

Changing the flow of the Nation
Yes, Pro-Trump groups reach out to me to help Trump ... as I am on the Board of Directors for Nation Management. When I get involved, I can change the flow of the Nation ... that's the influence that the Directors have. But strategy matters only when there is coordination from the other side as well. If Trump doesn't coordinate to work on any strategy then there is little I can do for him. I am not to be blamed ... Trump himself is to be blamed for the situation that he is in.

Presidents chosen for coordination
Why do you think we choose Presidents? Presidents are chosen mainly for the "coordination on strategy" ... to dodge disasters and to make great change for the people. That's the very purpose of choosing and electing the Chosen Ones. But if our Chosen Ones ... don't coordinate ... don't make any great change ... go on a looting spree and committing several mass crimes ... and then don't coordinate even when they are about to go to jail ... then for Heaven's sake ... how can I help such candidates?