Got an interesting question ... "why don't Pro-Trump SM Groups save Trump? Why are they approaching you to help Trump?"

Pro and Anti Groups are "Concept Groups"
Each candidate chosen to lead America generally has a Pro group and an Anti group. These are concept groups created to help and support the good things that the candidate comes up with and to stop the disasters that the candidate comes up with. The Pro Group supports the candidate in positive and constructive activities and the Anti Group stops the candidate from negative and destructive activities.

SM Groups are quite powerful ... but among SM Groups power is relative. The concept groups have the power to support and stop the candidate ... but they do not have the influence to control the "flow of the Nation". Managing the flow of the Nation or the direction of the country is something that is done at the top Board of Directors level.

I am at this Director's level ... I direct Strategy and Planning. When I start planning and giving strategies ... other Directors get involved and we manage the flow and direction of the country. That's why Pro-Trump groups reach out to me ... so that I can create a strategy and a plan for him ... that creates a role for him so that he can do good things for the Nation and the world. This automatically creates value for him and when other Directors see that Trump is actually working on these strategies then they have the power to change things and make a few things easy for Trump.

Getting into the Board of Directors is not easy
It took me about 10 years of time to reach this level. The Matrix is extremely hitech ... let's just say that the "Neuralink" project by Elon Musk ... it is the abcd of the technologies used in the Matrix.

Obamas think that he writes and "things happen". They don't know of how the Matrix operates or its technologies or its activities ... until and unless I inform them about the same. Trump has experienced the Matrix more than Obamas ... but he is still trying to figure out who I meet and how things operate. Lol.

I am on the Board because ... I have repeatedly shown SM Groups how to save millions of lives ... how to do good things for millions and billions of people again and again and again. And the strategies that I put forward ... they were extremely successful ... that's why I was pulled into the Board.

I was actually a little bit aggressive with them initially ... I used to call them "chicken" for not standing up and fighting for their people and Nation. And they would be like "dude, dude ... do you know who you are talking to?" I used to tell them ... "I don't care who you are ... if you cannot save the lives of innocent people then get the hell out of the way. You guys are just chicken ... pak pak pakaak ... pak pak pakaak."

Lol. And guess what ... they kind of liked me ... and I really didn't care if they liked me or not. And then, they started implementing a few strategies and we got the Arab Spring, the Tea Party Movement, the Occupy Movement, millions of people on the streets in several cities across the world, the #metoo movement, tossing of millionaire and billionaire Establishment criminals in jail, complete overthrow of governments and electing whichever candidate we want as the US President. They got my attention and I liked them as well ... and we became a team.

I didn't even know that I was on the Board of Directors ... I was informed about it after a few years when my strategies were put into place and they got enormous success.

Like I said before ... there are 4 major entities that control the flow of the Nation ...

  • The SM Network ... it has surpassed the Establishment and turned out to be much more powerful than the Establishment ... to the extent that they are able to dismantle Netanyahu's government on Jewish soil again and again.
  • The Establishment ... since its monopoly is still intact ... they continue their malice via various fields. The SM and the Establishment entities form the "Matrix" ... the alternate realm of Nation Management.
  • The President ... this is the frontend entity that runs and manages the Nation ... the President and the government.
  • Active Democracy ... we are neither a part of SM nor a part of the Establishment. We operate independently but work together with SM in managing the flow of the Nation. We do it using "strategies". We connect the two realms ... SM and the President.

Understanding Trump’s situation
I am giving this information so that ... you understand Trump's situation. The Establishment hated Trump right from the beginning ... it was designing impeachment plans the moment Trump got elected. And then, because Trump didn't coordinate with us and didn't make any major reform for America ... even SM turned against Trump.

So, imagine the fury of both the Establishment and SM Groups showering on you ... both the entities happen to be much more powerful than the government. The government itself is used by them to manage the Nation. Since Trump is not President anymore ... he has lost the Establishment, SM and the government ... which leaves only one entity out there that can still change the tide for Trump and that is Active Democracy.

That's why ... the some SM Groups that still support Trump ... they reach out to us and ask us to look into ways of how we can help Trump ... because Trump has no one on his side ... not SM, not Establishment and not the government. Yes, obviously, Trump is in this state because of his own repeated massive crimes. But the only entities that can help Trump and change the tide for him is me and God.

The problem right now is that ... even I cannot help Trump until and unless Trump directly coordinates with me and works on strategies to help millions of people. Until he does that, even my hands remain tied. That's why I said ... I can't help Trump until and unless he wants the help.