Well, the priority right now would be to get pardons and reduce jail sentences for Trump. This is something that should take the top most priority for Trump ... so that, we can maintain him in political life.

If we don't plan on this at a time when there are 90% chances of Trump getting convicted ... then Trump could get hundreds of years in jail which would upset our program of maintaining Trump in the political circle.

When it comes to the question of Trump getting the White House ... technically, until and unless Trump is convicted of a crime ... his path to the White House remains open, even if it is by 10%.

2024’s top question – Will Trump be eligible for the White House?
When it comes to me planning the White House for Trump ... it all depends on strategies and policies for any candidate. As far as Trump is concerned ... he is already indicted for more than 60 counts of felonies or crimes or whatever. So, the big question mark is ... whether Trump will be found innocent or not? If he is convicted on a single count then the White House is off limits for him. To add to this, there are several other investigations and he might get several more indictments.

So, if you ask about the White House for Trump ... the first question that anyone will ask is ... if he will be eligible for the White House or not? That's why ... Trump's top most priority should be to get pardons and reduce jail sentences. Because ... doesn't matter if Trump is convicted or not ... we can still create a role for him to lead America via the Republican Party.

In 2016, despite Trump's scandals and shortcomings he was put on a winning streak ... but now things seem to be reversed for Trump. This is what concerns some Pro-Trump groups … how far is Trump going to lose … and they want to know if Trump can still have a role in American politics ahead. So, the good news for them is that ... yes, even if Trump is convicted ... even then, we can create a role for him ... provided, he fights with the right strategies and policies.