What if Trump works on your strategies and doesn't get convicted as well ... then will you support him for President and work with him?

Well, this is what Pro-Trump groups need to understand ... as of now, the information that I have is that ... there are 90% chances of Trump getting convicted. But yes, if Trump works with me on my strategies for America and doesn't get convicted ... then I am open to working with him as President.

You guys are exploring this option because Michelle failed to pull Elon Musk for the Presidency nor did she contact me to reconfigure the Biden Presidency? You are worried about continued stagnation of America under Biden?

Michelle is my Guardian Angel
Well, as far as Michelle is concerned ... she is my Guardian Angel ... she has been super good in security and she has been very consistent in her support. Now, when it comes to Presidential leadership ... it takes two to tango. Maybe Biden is not interested in changing things ... maybe Obama might be taking it too easy ... or whatever ... if the other person doesn't coordinate then what can she do?

Expanded the spectrum a little bit
That's why, I expanded the spectrum a little bit for her. So that, we stop relying on just one or two guys to lead America. Let's expand the spectrum and work with all Congressmen and Governors ... it gives us about 600 leaders to work with and expands our success chances by 600 times.

Now, tell me ... who wouldn't want to be President? Among 600 Congressmen and woman ... and Governors ... who wouldn't want to lead America and become President? We can easily pull a truck load of candidates to fight for America.

Don’t lock yourself with only two candidates
Being Pro-Trump groups, you guys are exploring options for Trump ... its good ... but what I would advise is ... don't lock yourself in only one or two options. If things don't work out with a candidate then simply move on ... we have hundreds of other options that we can work with.

Probably, Obamas are working on something. But you do your work while they do their's. Don't sit there fuming in the lack of progress ... look for more feasible configurations if the current ones don't work.

Establishment know-how matters
I prioritize working with Obamas and Trump ... mainly because it saves time. They already know the subject ... they have gained a lot of know how via experience over the past few years. And this know-how works like the Holy Grail for American politics.

Just imagine ... telling a new guy ... about an Establishment created by $500 Trillion bankers ... who are managing and controlling the world order on the basis of a Satanic ideology ... and SM is fighting back against this Establishment via an alternate realm of Nation Management ... and one guy with a laptop on the other side of Ocean happens to be on the Board of Directors of Nation Management, managing the strategy to control the flow of America.

Lol. How much of this do you think a new guy will digest? It takes years for them to understand this and they understand this "with experience". They have no book and no guide other than me to help them understand this. It took Obama 2 terms ... Trump one term and Biden doesn't know the head or tail of anything. Training Biden would be a waste of time if he didn't work with us ... he didn't bother to work with us and we didn't bother to train him on anything either. Lol.

America is sinking in stagnation
Yes, Obamas and Trump have an advantage over others ... but till date, it has been a total waste as far as reforms are concerned. They know that the crisis exists ... they see the trillions piling up every year ... but they make no effort in changing anything. So, the most valuable people that we have in American leadership don't make any effort to rectify any crisis.

2024 is going to be quite interesting
Just like there is a high probability of Trump getting convicted, there are also pretty high chances that Biden may not get re-elected. This might come off as a good news for Trump. Just like there are groups who want to see you convicted ... there are groups who want to see Biden out of the White House as well.

As far as my inputs are concerned of who should lead America ... I would actually prefer Biden to lead from the Democrat side and Trump to lead from the Republican side ... but that's with the right policies and strategies. But if none of you can do that ... then SM will decide. My hands become tied when the candidates don't follow any strategy or policies. I can only support and promote the candidate that works with me.

So, the strategy in this scenario that I have given to SM Groups is ... to work on all routes possible ... to keep all options open.