Yes, my dear Michelle ... it takes years to make change ... but should it take years to make a simple contact? This is the biggest question that all SM Groups have about Obamas in Presidential leadership. They see Barack as a stagnant leader as he doesn't lead but follows other party leaders. This is why we gave you the frontend role ... so that you can at least lead.

The security is good ... and I appreciate it. But there is zero progress when it comes to change, reforms, Establishment malice or addressing any major crisis that America is facing. The question that SM Groups ask is ... if they don't contact you then it means that they are not interested in solving America's crises.

How am I supposed to blame them for this question? You had to reach out to us 6 months ago to create alternate leaders for Trump and Biden. Either it had to be the Musk Presidency or any alternate ... or we had to reconfigure Biden or Trump's leadership. There is zero progress.

600 options other than Trump, Biden and Obama
I have mentioned this in Biden's first year itself that ... Biden's failure to lead America will be seen as Obama's failure as well. Repeating this point again and again doesn't make any sense ... and it will only create friction. But constantly everyone's roles are evaluated ... I am fighting to maintain Michelle in the game as she holds the security pillar quite well.

So, if we cannot get Biden or Trump or Obama or Elon Musk in the game ... I have created 600 other options for you. Now, not getting a candidate to lead America should not be an issue.

Trump and Biden will sink America into economic ruins
You have to keep in mind that if ... Trump, Biden and Obama continue to stick to their current policies then they will stagnate and sink America into economic ruins. Non-stop additional trillions of debt being accumulated every year is living proof that these leaders don't know shit and they don't know what has to be done.

Need to save America in one way or the other
If they don't want to lead ... if they don't want to solve America's crises ... then no problem ... no pressure and no issues. We should be able to figure out and work with other leaders from the Senate and State to take things forward. Remember ... our work is about America ... its not about just Trump or Biden. When you start focusing on the people and America ... then you can see right from wrong ... and you will understand what has to be done.

The more independent you are, the more powerful and successful you can become
Either see who can take America forward among Trump, Biden and Obama ... or work with someone else. This is something that you have to do independently of Obama and the Democrat Party. The more you think and act independently ... the more powerful and successful you will be. Why do you think Trump was so famous and popular during his Presidency? Because we trained him to operate independently ... independent of the party or Obama or any adviser. If Trump can do it ... then why can't you guys?

Expanding the spectrum and options for leadership
Yeah, I am being asked to spread the information among Senators and Governors as well. The strategy that I am giving to Michelle is ... not to rely only on one or two candidates to lead America. Yes, Establishment know-how is like the Holy Grail for American politics ... but when such important information is given to candidates who really don't show any interest in solving America's crises then America keeps on getting screwed with no solution in sight.

If I am asking Michelle to be open to work with 600 other candidates then I should at least send the info to Senators and Governors. This helps us expand the spectrum from our side as well.