Its better to knock on new doors rather than continue knocking on doors that won't open
This is SM's approach in designing political leadership in America. This is how they are dealing with Trump, Biden and Obama. They have been pushing me also to design leadership without Trump, Biden or Obama in the lead ... they want to explore alternate leaders for America.

The main reason for this is that ... none of the 3 have addressed or worked on any major Establishment crisis that America faces ... trillions continue to pile up as debt and they make zero change and zero reforms.

Change takes time but it also needs efforts
Yes, I agree ... changing an entire Nation takes time ... but to bring about change, you also need to put in some effort.

  • When you don't contact
  • When you don't understand how to solve any crisis
  • When you make zero efforts to change anything
  • When you allow everything to continue as it is

Then how do you expect change to happen ... when you do absolutely nothing to make it happen? SM Groups read this "inaction" from Trump, Biden and Obama as a sign that they don't want to change anything ... they are not interested in any kind of reform or working on any crisis. Thus, it doesn't make sense to have them in the lead at all.

This is the major topic among the SM Network about Trump, Biden and Obama's incompetence to lead and fix America's crises. I have been alerted about this ... and I have informed all of the 3 about this since a long time now.

Headed towards a DeSantis Presidency
Biden is thinking that Trump's conviction will help his re-election. He doesn't realize that ... if he continues to remain stagnant and redundant ... then he might lose 2024 with or without Trump. Even if Trump gets convicted there is no guarantee that he will be given a victory against Ron DeSantis. That's point number one.

Point number two is that ... Ron DeSantis already has some SM Groups designing Presidential options for him. As per SM plan, a Ron DeSantis Presidency helps in flushing out Trump, Biden and Obama from Presidential leadership.

  • With Trump being convicted ... Trump get's eliminated from the race.
  • When Biden loses to Ron DeSantis ... Biden gets flushed out.
  • When we get a Republican President in the White House, Obama's influence gets eliminated to a maximum extent.

I have been telling again and again that ... Biden's failure will be seen as Obama's failure ... if Biden fails to lead and work on America's crisis, then the Democrat Party will fail ... and we will get a Republican President in the White House. I have said this in Biden's first year itself ... and now the whole thing is enfolding ... we are literally headed towards a Republican President ... thanks to our Chosen One being a selfish bum.

Well, as per my design of the Obama-Biden Presidency was that ... Michelle should have taken the lead. It was already expected that Trump or Biden or Obama will lag behind. But our wonderful lady ... is doing great when it comes to security ... but there is zero progress on coordination and bringing reforms in America.

Change needs efforts in the right direction
I understand that change takes time ... but we can say that only after we have made every effort to bring about the change. When we make zero effort to work together ... zero effort to address any crisis ... zero effort to bring about the needed change and leave everything as it is ... and allow America to continue to go down in economic ruins ... then how can we say that change takes time?

Change needs efforts ... the right efforts in the right direction. Its then that change will come to America. And yes, when we make the right efforts in the right direction ... change may not take that much time after all ... some things can change very very quickly.

Don’t blame me
None of the 3 should blame me for their downfall. We chose and gave the Presidency to Trump and Biden … and the only thing that they have done is loot trillions again and again. I do only strategy … I am only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin in SM activities … SM is the one that brings about change at the ground level.

I did my part of alerting you what SM concerns are and what they will do next. If you guys don’t follow the strategy then my hands remain tied. What am I supposed to tell SM Groups … “hey, let these frauds who have turned against the purpose that they were chosen for … let them continue to loot America by the trillions and let America get screwed by them?” They see your leadership as “fraudulent” … even if I endorse it then they will not buy it. All of them are trained to operate by facts and logic.

I can only inform you of what’s happening … what you need to do … how to change … and then I can bring support in your favor. Without you making any effort to change anything, I cannot do much.

Tip for Obama
A small tip for Obama in this scenario is that … play a role … to remain involved in the game, play a small role in the game. This is an advice that I gave to Trump as well when he was President. I asked him to play at least some role in leading and solving America’s crisis. He didn’t care and he lost the Presidency.

Michelle is already doing good … I hope you will step forward.

Advice for SM Groups
Okay so ... here's the thing. I don't know what you guys have planned for Trump. I don't know how far down he is going to fall. I have already extended my hand for support ... but if he doesn't hold my hand ... then I have no idea what you guys have decided for him.

But I need Michelle in the game. She is my Guardian Angel and in all scenarios I want her in the game. And she wants Obama in the game. I know you guys are frustrated at Obama's slow and stagnant leadership ... and his party puppetry and bla bla bla. But I am sure we can figure out something for Obama.

After Trump, the next guy you will take down is Biden and Biden's downfall will have an impact on Obama. But we have to design Biden's fall in such a way that it doesn't totally eliminate Obama from the game. Yes, Obama's influence on the next President might be minimal but we don't have to eliminate Obama totally from the game.

There are several groups involved ... some are working on flushing out Trump ... some are working on flushing out Biden ... some want to flush out Obama as well ... on the other hand, some are working to save Trump ... some are looking for ways to change Biden and some support Obamas.

As of now, flushing out Trump has gained a lot of momentum ... it has many entities involved from the Establishment, from SM and from political groups. I am keeping options open for all ... Trump, Biden and Obama ... to change and to lead. But if and when things will come to the worst case scenario ... absolutely no one will touch Michelle ... she will always be treated with love and respect ... and we will save Obama and keep him in the game.