Biden - "I didn't let it happen."
Uff, uff, uff ... Biden heroically stands up for Barack Obama. Bravo, bravo Uncle Biden ... finally, you have shown the world that "you care" for at least one person who doesn't happen to be you or your family. Lol.

I am so impressed ... fantastic ... finally, it is established that Uncle Biden has some care and compassion in his heart for others ... however miniscule it might be. Lol.

Otherwise, all SM Groups were thinking that ... this guy is going to do nothing but loot trillions at every turn while America burns in debt and the world remains at the risk of a nuclear war. Its nice to see some care for your Boss-Bama.

Fraudulent Presidents
See Uncle Biden ... let me make one thing clear first. In some phases, it might seem that I am holding the gun to your head and ask you to work with me. Trust me, this is not the case. This happened with Trump as well ... we chose him for the Presidency ... we gave him the Presidency ... and then he flipped. When SM trusts you with the world's most powerful position ... we give you the power to change the world ... trillions in revenue is put in your hands ... at this moment in time, when you flip and do mostly pocketing trillions while allowing the world to remain screwed ... then automatically, SM starts dismantling your Presidency. This applies to all fraudulent Presidents.

Yes, SM Groups see the Trump and Biden Presidencies as fraudulent Presidencies. Just like they give you the power, they also take away the power given. They know how to do this in a routine, systematic and controlled manner. They have the necessary control points across the Nation to do this. I have myself trained them on this.

Presidential Harassment
It is in this phase that I have to tell Presidents that ... "either work with me or you will be removed from the White House." It is this statement that Trump calls "Presidential harassment". When in reality, I am not the actual one who dismantles your Presidency. I am the one who gave you the Presidency ... I created a strategy to make a great President out of you and this strategy was accepted by all SM Groups. Its with my strategy and SM support that you get the Presidency. But when you don't follow the strategy, SM starts dismantling your Presidency.

Fraudulent Presidents Self-destruct
So, the actual ones who are dismantling your Presidency is yourself ... when you allow your country to burn and don't rectify any crisis ... then it is actually "self-destruction". You might think that ... "hey, why should I pick a fight with the Establishment ... I will just make my trillions and walk away." This is nothing but self-destruction ... the more you remain on this track, the more your Presidency is dismantled.

Don't blame me for the dismantling of your Presidency. I tell the same thing to Trump as well ... "we gave you the Presidency ... guided you, supported you, protected you, gave you several victories ... even then, you failed to work with us to solve any crisis. It is you who owns the blame for the dismantling of your Presidency." That's point number one.

Apart from you, the second entity that dismantles your Presidency is SM. It dismantles your Presidency for your lack of action, lack of leadership, zero reforms, zero progress and so on. SM is doing miracles out there ... if you look at your and Trump's elections ... it is nothing less than a miracle.

SM creates miracles for the Chosen Ones
A Pornstar banger was made the President of the United States. When did something like this happen in American history ever before? Trump getting the Presidency despite his sex scandals was nothing less than a miracle. Look at your election ... you had two dozen honking cars in your rallies and you were hidden in the basement ... while Trump was hogging all of the limelight during the pandemic. But you were given the victory and not Trump. Why? Because Trump failed to do what he was chosen for and we created a strategy for you along with your Boss-Bama.

The fact that a guy who cannot make a proper speech without having his eyes glued to the teleprompter ... who had just two dozen honking cars in his rallies ... whom every other Democrat candidate was defeating ... such a guy getting the Presidency ... it is nothing less than a miracle.

Selfish bums betraying America
SM sits there creating "miracles" for you guys ... giving everything that you need ... and then you guys turn out to be selfish bums. Tell me, how is that fair for SM? How is that fair for the American people and America ... that they get betrayed again and again and again?

It is your incompetence and SM frustration that results in the dismantling of your Presidency. You do not get kicked out of the White House because of me. In designing strategies ... I do two things ... I show what to do in the future ... and I show you that, based on the current ground level activities of SM and the Establishment.

So, when I say ... "work with me or else your Presidency will be terminated" ... it means that ... SM is already terminating your Presidency but I can stop it ... I can change the tracks ... if and when you work with me". It is not a threat ... I am not holding a gun to your head ... I am trying to help you and save your Presidency.

Since that statement does not involve blowing Trump's horn ... he always called it Presidential harassment. I tried to save his Presidency till the very last few weeks before 2020 elections. But Trump wsas adamant on his inaction and I asked SM to make the decision.

Trump – Good or bad comes from this guy
Trump thinks that ... "when I write good, good things happen to him ... and when I write bad, bad things happen to him". This is again limited understanding of what is going on. When I say that ... SM is dismantling your Presidency or that you are going to get impeached or that you are going to jail ... these things don't happen because I said so. Such things are being planned and worked upon at the ground level by various entities ... that's why I warn you in advance about it.

Just because you came to know about it beforehand ... it doesn't mean that I am the one who is getting it done or that it is happening because of me. These are just some on the ground activities that are happening and I inform you of the same ... so that, you know what is happening, why it is happening and how you can change what's happening.

SM frustration
Another Trump's misconception was that ... "If I shut him down then bad things won't happen to him". He wanted to shut us down so that bad things don't happen to him. Lol. This only infuriated SM and more bad things happened to him and the termination of his Presidency was fast-tracked.

Just because you shut me down, it doesn't mean that bad things will not happen. The very basis of giving you the Presidency is that you work with us and solve America's crises. If you don't do this then your Nation will turn against you. The more SM Groups turn against you, the more bad and negative things happen to you from more and more angles. You will end up being a President at war with his own Nation ... that's exactly what Trump's case was.

People First
So, the simple solution to get good support for your Presidency ... to win re-elections ... not get impeached and not to go to jail is ... do what you were chosen for. Don't defraud the people that gave you the power that you have. Work on ending America's crises one by one ... keep your people first. This is what you were chosen for ... do what you were chosen for.

Your Boss-Bama
As far as your Boss-Bama is concerned ... it is quite sweet that you try to protect your Boss-Bama. But you should know that ... the best way to protect your Boss-Bama is by being a great leader for the American people. You are tarnishing and humiliating your Boss-Bama by being a selfish bum. If you can change then automatically his image and reputation will change.

You cannot try to take blame for your inaction ... you cannot defend your Boss-Bama by trying to own the blame ... because everyone knows right from the beginning that you don't know shit. You have no idea what to do ... you love your moolah and you cannot stand Establishment pressure. No one wanted to give you the Presidency. But I created the strategy to rectify all of your flaws by teaming you up with Obamas ... especially with Michelle Obama.

They were given the responsibility to guide you and support you in this fight for America. After two years ... you do not work on the configuration designed and then try to own your inaction heroically ... but you don't realize that ... nobody cares about your inaction, blunders and flaws. Everybody knew that you would be a mess ... it is your Boss-Bama who didn't play his role which is why you are a total mess.

For Boss-Bama everything is perfect
As far as Obama's world is concerned ... everything is perfect and everything is as good as it could be. Why? Because this is what happened during his Presidency. He got re-elected because I endorsed him and rallied SM in his favor. He thinks that I wrote against Mitt Romney that's why he was taken down ... he thinks that I wrote in his favor, that's why he was given the victory.

He only bothers about in whose favor or against I am writing. Why? Because he was never given any information about the Matrix or SM Groups during his Presidency. He was not informed about how these groups operate.

That's what he has done for you ... took the Presidency using false signals and promises that he will work with us and solve America's crisis ... and now, just like he followed the Party, you are also following the Party in every damn thing. He recreated what he knows ... got re-elected by our support, keeps us safe and follows the Party ... nothing can be any better in Obama's world.

He doesn't realize the progress that Trump made ... there is no coordination ... there is no work on any Establishment crisis ... America continues to rot ... trillions pile up as debt ... spending limits are ever rising ... wars don't stop and we are on the verge of a nuclear war against Russia. But in Obama's world ... everything is fine and wonderful ... nothing can be better.

Why? Obama has never done anything beyond this. He has never stood up to his Party ... never stood up to the Establishment in any sphere ... never ended the debt crisis ... he doens't know anything beyond the line of following the Party.

Michelle was supposed to break this barrier
Just so that you know ... we knew about Obama's drawbacks as well and I informed SM about it in pretty detail ... that Obama could stagnate America back into wars and a continued debt crisis ... and that's exactly what we got today.

It was Michelle who had to take things forward. Obamas think that "I am upset and that I am heartbroken" that they did not follow through the plan. They don't know and they don't realize that the entire Nation is furious at them ... because they don't have an understanding of SM or the Matrix.

When it comes to elections, they like my support ... because when I support candidates get elected. They don't know "how this support is activated" and how this support system works ... what does this support system need in return ... what they expected to do in Presidential leadershiup? When I write against Obama-Biden inaction ... they think that "one guy" is upset. Lol.

This lack of know-how ... this lack of understanding ... this is stagnating the Biden Presidency as well. The only thing that Biden does is brag about some jobs and the some shitty schemes that he came up with ... while there is no reform and no change in America ... while we still rot in debt, war and are on the verge of nuclear annihilation.

Understanding your roles and the overall picture
When Uncle Biden is standing there ... trying to own his inaction and failures ... he actually fails to see the overall picture.

  • Biden's Role. Your role was to hire the right candidates at the right places to champion and market change in America.
  • Obama's Role. Your Boss-Bama's role was to help you and guide you in doing this while working with us on these strategies.
  • Michelle's Role. Her role was to play as a back-up for Obama ... when Obama would fail, she had to lead.

Are anyone of you playing your roles? No ... we are back to the Obama Presidency ... where Michelle keeps us safe, Obama uses us to get elected and we remain Party puppets where we do everything that the party says.

Its not easy to own your failure Uncle Biden ... every time and place you have failed as President ... SM sees Obama's failure as well. Because the very basis of your Presidency was Obama.

Biden can get re-elected
The good news for you is that ... there is still time for you to change and lead right. These are your good points.

  • You are patient with me. You don't freak out like Trump on every single thing that sounds against him.
  • You are maintaining a good protective shell for me by working along with Obamas.
  • There are several political entities that are working on putting Trump in jail. If and when Trump will get convicted ... it will work in your favor.
  • And the fact that you are closely connected to Obamas still works in your favor as I love and respect Michelle very much. If she can lead then everything about your Presidency will change. You can become a phenomenal leader.

SM has already lost hope in you ... DeSantis is on the way. But I keep options open for you because I know how things operate ... I know how to re-strategize things ... I know how to pull SM support and I know how to pull victories in your favor. But strategy is not a one way route ... strategy and planning doesn't make sense when you don't coordinate.