Why do I request for a cop or an intel guy?
Firstly, because they easily accessible for our politicians and they are less likely to be rigged … until and unless our Presidents themselves want it so.

Secondly, and more importantly … “response time” matters. Its like 911 … if there is an emergency then within how many hours should the cops be at your place? ASAP … within minutes or hours … not days … not weeks … not months and not years. When the cops respond within minutes then you can expect the problem to be solved … but let us assume … the cops take years and years to respond … then do you think that they will solve the problem? Yes, that’s the issue with our Chosen Presidents.

To make one move, they take years and years together … that’s just to make a contact … now imagine, at this rate … when will change actually come to America? Lol. When our Chosen Presidents take years and years just to contact then it actually shows that they have no interest in solving the crises.

SM blames Obama
Some SM Groups blame Obama for this lag and stagnation. Its not that Obama is a bad and stagnant leader … but that’s what happened during his Presidency. He simply sat there reading what we wrote and ran the country … now, Biden is doing the same … its creating a repetition of the Obama Presidency. The thing is … there was no requirement of direct coordination during Obama because our objective was only to stop the wars. Direct coordination was not required to stop wars … Obama could understand what was going on by following what we wrote … and he could stop the wars.

That’s what Trump did … he followed what we wrote and he stopped the wars. But now, the crisis of wars is over … we have to move on with the next phase of dismantling the Establishment and creating a new era for the American people … and this cannot be done without direct coordination.

It’s an emergency out there … it’s a 911 crisis at the national and global level … millions of lives are being lost in pandemics and wars … trillions continue to get drained … debt piles up by the trillions … at this moment in time … when Obama is repeating what he did during his era … then it is creating a destructive and disastrous Presidency for Biden.

Biden cannot own his failures … the very foundation of the Biden Presidency is Obama … so automatically, Biden’s inaction is blamed on Obama. However, Obama is trying to bring about change and initiate direct coordination … hasn’t happened yet … let’s how and when it happens.

Response time shows your concern and dedication
Everyone is under watch. Just like Presidents are watching what I do every day and track my activities … SM tracks everyone’s activities including the Presidents, the Congress and several Establishment entities … millions of entities are tracked under the Matrix system.

SM – Instantaneous Response. The most powerful entity that works instantaneously with me is the SM Network. They read what I write while I am writing it and they start working on it right away … at that very instant itself … there is no waiting for them to work on what I show. This is how I have trained them … and this is how our coordination happens.

Putin – Fastest and most powerful President. The second entity that has worked with us closely is President Vladimir Putin. He has also worked on several activities and strategies “within hours” of knowing the same.

Trump – Online Coordination. Trump worked with us online to stop several wars and disasters. He ranks third in immediate coordination.

Obama-Biden. Obama also worked with us online … but it took him years and years to do what was shown. He was quick on stopping wars against Russia and so was Biden … he quickly followed on how to stop a nuclear war against Russia. Other than that, they worked on nothing else.

Michelle - Security. Michelle Obama has been our guardian angel … she has coordinated with us instantly in security issues. She would respond at that very moment itself when she would get to know of any issue.

What are you basically seeing above is the list of entities who are aware of Establishment malice and they have worked on containing the same at various levels. The speed of their response on these crises actually shows their concern and dedication to solve the crises. While SM and Putin were the top players who worked with great dedication is solving these crises … Trump stopped wars instantly … while on the other hand, all is well for Mr. Biden as long as the world doesn’t get nuked. Lol.

Michelle is the key for success for Obama-Biden
A very consistent, caring and rapid response candidate in the Obama-Biden circle is … the lovely Michelle Obama. We chose her as the key component to design success for the Biden Presidency. She had to compliment the Obama-Biden slow and stagnant leadership … where the responses are slow and party puppetry is followed.

For example … Biden said … “we will get things done at the earliest” … its been 48 hours and there’s still no contact. How long should it take for a cop to knock on your door and say “I have been sent by Mr. Biden and he will call you at so and so time”. The world is burning out there … we are at a risk of a nuclear war with Russia … trillions are piling up as debt … how long should it take just to make a contact?

What SM sees with every step that you take is … your concern and dedication for the work … your concern and dedication for fighting for the people and solving their crises. Response time matters Uncle Biden … your Presidency is not forever … the people don’t have time forever … and even I will not live forever.