Our guys continue to follow the Obama Era "parasite model" of working with us. We had allowed and agreed Obama to be a parasite on our work as there was no coordination required at that time. Our works were only about stopping wars and the need for coordination was not there.

America is sinking
Now, America is sinking in trillions of debt every single year. The debt piled up by the entire Establishment by the end of Bush's term was about $10 Trillion. Today, we have crossed $30 trillion of debt under Obama, Trump and Biden. Our three guys have created two times more debt than the entire Establishment combined.

This debt cannot be wiped out via the "parasite model". You can't just sit there and expect solutions from one person and from one website. There are elaborate and comprehensive efforts required that involve specialists from several fields ... systems need to be changed and new systems need to be created ... it is impossible to do this via the parasite model.

Leaders interested only in the loot
What SM Groups say is that ... these guys are sticking to the parasite model as "they have no intention of changing anything in America ... they are sticking to the power just for the loot ... what sense does it make to keep such guys in power?".

This is a change that Michelle has to bring from the leadership in America. If it is not possible from the White House then she should look at options from within the Senate or Governors at the State level. There are several options available ... we only need some "leaders with a conscience" who can do what is right for America.

Michelle has to save America
Till date, Obama, Trump and Biden have failed in fixing any of America's crises ... and key reason has been that they stick to the "parasite model" of operation. This will take you nowhere and this will take America nowhere.

Its a must for us to change the mode of operation ... its only then that change will come for America. Michelle should step forward and help. America is depending on you, my dear Lady ... your Nation is counting on you.


There are high chances that Bidens will be protected from their legal troubles. Since Biden works with Obamas to protect me and my work ... SM automatically takes Bidens in their protective shell.

Biden should continue to pull all strings to protect himself and his son in these issues ... SM will help you succeed in your efforts. If you do nothing to protect yourself then it becomes difficult to protect you. This is what you should understand about "success from SM" ... don't sit there doing nothing, pull all strings possible to protect youself and then SM will give you success in your efforts.


"Since 2019, spending for federal agencies has increased by 50 percent.

Do you feel better off as a result of this expansion of government?"


Well the spending on the government and the size the government are not necessarily directly related. For example, the defense ... we spend about a trillion dollars every year on defense but most of it goes to private contractors.

Associating the issue of "spending" with the size of the government is actually a misleading gimmick ... it makes the people think that the government and its size is the problem which is not true at all.

Secondly, it is using the issue of spending to slash regulations and reduce government control to create more "freedom" ... and guess who benefits from this freedom? Its the private contractors.

So, technically what they are doing is ... taking an issue created by the Establishment and using it to benefit the Establishment. They take a public issue ... pretend to solve it ... but the line of action taken actually benefits the same Establishment that created the problem.

Mr. Ron DeSantis ... a few more Americans taking their paycheck from the government is not the problem in America. The problem is in trillions flowing to the Establishment.