Holding personal grudges against me will not solve anything. "Ow he said this and he said that ... thus, I am going to ignore him and not work with him." This is not going to help in their political career at all.

All of our activities are "people based" ... all analysis is done based on the people ... it doesn't matter if you are Trump or Obama or Biden or Warren or Hillary or anyone else. This is Nation Management ... you are dealing with the top Directors who manage the Nation.

All of our discussions, evaluations, decision making, who will win and who will lose ... everything is based on the people. Its all about how your actions and policies are impacting the people. They won't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican or who you are. You are President because they gave you the Presidency ... you will not be President because they will take it away as easy as they gave it to you.

Have to be “people centric”
This is how SM operates. You are chosen to solve America's crises ... you are not chosen to hold grudges against the very people who gave you the Presidency.

Doesn't matter what I write or what I say ... look at it from the people's perspective. Don't look at it at a personal way ... whether it is in your favor or not. Don't look at it from the party's angle ... whether it is in your party's favor or not. Look at it from the people's perspective ... you have to be "people centric". You cannot personalize things.

Not working with me is self-destruction
By not working with me ... by stalling ... if anyone thinks that they are teaching me a lesson ... then they should know that ... they are actually working on a track that terminates their Presidency. It already happened with Trump and its happening with Biden as we speak.

As of now, there is an extremely distributed spectrum among SM Groups. There is no majority in favor of any candidate ... not Trump and not Biden. Interestingly, Ron DeSantis is gaining support because of the lack of action from Trump and Biden. He is turning out to be the beneficiary of Trump and Biden's failures.

Anything can happen in 2024
Biden can get re-elected ... Trump can get saved from his indictments and become President ... or both of them will be failed and Ron DeSantis will be given the Presidency. SM Groups are working on all options ahead ... it all depends on who is better for America.

I would suggest all candidates to stop holding any kind of grudges ... clear your mind ... and work on why you were given the Presidency.

Wild Fires – Environmental Terrorism
By the way, these ongoing wild fires are nothing but "environmental terrorism" by Establishment elements to get support for their "climate change" propaganda that Biden has launched. This is something that Biden doesn't understand ... nor does he knows what to do about it.

The world has moved from the pandemic ... to a war against Russia ... to environmental terrorism where entire cities are being burnt down ... in a single term of President Biden. Three different types of terrorisms right under Biden's nose. Even then, Mr. Biden doesn't give a shit to learn and understand what has to be done about the Establishment.

Would you blame SM Groups for not considering a second term for Biden?