Well the good news for Republicans is that even Joe Biden is on track to create an additional debt of about $8 Trillion in a single term. There are two points to be noted in this.

Firstly, Ron DeSantis says "boost oil and gas energy production at home to reduce inflation ... because energy costs add to the inflation". So yes, it might help in a little bit of inflation reduction ... but then again, during Trump, America was the largest oil & gas producer in the world ... even then we got a debt of $8 Trillion under Trump in a single term. "Oil and gas energy production" at home doesn't actually solve the debt crisis ... the debt crisis is not connected to only oil and gas.

Secondly, Biden keeps on saying that "Trump created a debt of $8 Trillion! Trump created a debt of $8 Trillion!" ... but hello Mr. Biden, even you are on track to create the same amount of debt in the same duration of time. So, how are you any better than Trump? You capitalized on all of the ongoing anti-Trumpism ... the ridicule and demonization ... and took the White House from Trump. People gave you the Presidency thinking that any donkey would be better than Trump. But interestingly, you are turning out to be the same disaster that Trump was when it comes to the debt crisis ... that's with your current spending policies. If you come up with more spending, you will create a bigger debt hole than Trump. So, what was the point of giving you the White House when you are no better than Trump?

This is what happens when our leaders don't know how to solve any problem ... Trump screws up ... then Biden screws up ... and even Ron DeSantis doesn't know how to fix it. America gets one screw up after another.