Ron DeSantis is a good guy. So, here are a couple of tips for you to further improve your style and chances of winning.

Firstly, show a fight ... show a fight to change something that's hurting people ... something genuine and real. Make that fight yours and the people should think and believe that you will fight for them. Stuff like this automatically comes for those who instinctively fight for the people.

I am not saying that you are not fighting for the people ... but you have to present a few crises that exist out there and show how you will fight to change that. This will define your Presidency ... it will be your platform and that's what you will be known for.

Secondly, don't keep putting your resume forward. Don't keep saying what you have done in Florida ... and don't keep enlisting your record. You are not applying for a job here ... no one wants your resume. You are fighting to be the leader of the free world ... this is not a job application. Show where you will lead ... show how you will change ... show a fight for leadership and change. Orient your skills, experience and accomplishments for the fight that you want to take up ahead to change America for the better.

Thirdly, don't keep on saying that "as President" I will do this and that. The moment you say that "as President" you will do something ... it actually means that you already consider yourself as President. The people feel as if you have already taken their vote ... you are already taking them for granted as if they are not needed anymore. It pushes away people.

Everybody already knows that you want to be President. The people don't care who you are ... until and unless they know how much you care for them. What matters more for the people is ... how much you care for them. You show this care by not marketing yourself ... not by promoting your resume ... but by showing a fight to solve people's problems ... by showing a fight to make their lives better.

You can talk about what you have done in Florida or some of your key skillsets ... but it should be configured in such a way to present your fight for the people. Use the phrase "as President I will do this and that for you" at a complete minimum.

You are doing quite good ... you are coming off as a very decent candidate ... but your style is coming off mostly as resume marketing. Observe Obama's campaign from 2008 and even Bernie Sanders from 2020 ... Bernie is a horrible outright liar ... but just observe how he arouses and connects with people. Its like a "formula" that he uses ... he is fake ... he uses this formula to deceive people.

You are honest and genuine ... just observe and use the formula to help your style and presentation a little bit. The same goes with Obama ... Obama wasn't a liar ... but he had great speaking skills ... excellent oratory ... yes, we can ... yes, we can ... listen to some of his speeches and understand how to connect with the people ... and become one with the people. No one has done this better than Obama since Bill Clinton. The only guy who outshines Obama in his speaking skills, charisma and people centrism is Bill Clinton.

Leave Bill Clinton for now ... just check how Obama and Bernie connect with the people. You are missing this connection. You should be able to put people on their feet ... they should want you, they should cheer for you and they should be able to fight for you. Obama connected with the people so well that he would literally put the people on the feet repeatedly ... they wanted him and cheered for him again and again. 

Hmmm ... no Obama was not able to make people "fight" for him. Wanting and cheering yes ... but fighting no. This is the level that I have accomplished ... people not only want me and cheer for me ... but they also fight for me ... and they fight for me to an extent that they would even kill for me. They would break bones and even kill to protect me and to move forward in my cause.

The level of dedication and commitment that the people have shown me ... it had reached "scary levels". I had to literally stop communicating and if I talked, I had to talk about toning down their actions ... to stop getting so aggressive ... as at the end of the day, I would bear the moral responsibility for such things being done in my name. I had to yell down their throats ... "don't you dare hurt anyone in my name".

Sometimes things can get crazy and scary ... millions of people will pour on the streets for you and they will be ready to "burn down the government" if they don't change. No, its not something like Trump did in the Capitol riots. It wasn't a people's movement ... it was sponsored mob of a few thousand people ... centered around the benefits of one guy. I am talking about millions of people pouring into the streets in several cities across the Nation and they were ready to burn down the government.

I had to say "Stop! That's not how we operate. Just go home and I will give strategies of how to operate." Initially, it will seem trucks loads of love pouring out for you ... you will love the unity ... it will be very flattering ... but if the whole thing takes a wrong turn then it can very quickly become startling and scary. People have to be guided and managed ... as they rely on you and trust you to make the right decisions for them.

That's a totally different level of people movement. For now, just try to get people on their feet for you ... make them want you and cheer for you. You are doing good ... you could have done this much better if you actually knew what crises exist out there and how to fight for it. But since you haven't yet connected with me ... at least try to do what you can.


Nikki Haley is trying to play Trump's gimmick of digging dirt that the other guy has ... and then attack him on stage using the dirt. Hello, Dirti Haley.

Its sad ... the tactic helps but it has a very limited benefit and the more you use this tactic, the more it starts backfiring on you. The people need a leader who will solve their problems ... no one is interested in guys who sit there and fling dirt on others. The tactic doesn't help in the long run. It creates more damage for you than for the other guy.

The people are not interested how much dirt you can throw on others ... they are more interested in what you are going to do for them.    


I am liking the progress that the Republican Party has made ... there are no more Ted Cruzes, Newt Gingriches, Mitt Romneys or Rick Perrys. Its a little bit surprising to see that the Republican Party has flushed out its junk and it is actually having a commonsense debate. We are not talking about supporting wars ... but we are talking about American issues.

This is a huge change for the Republican Party. This is the progress that Republicans have made during Trump. On the other side ... unfortunately, there is zero progress from Democrats. We have fell behind one era backwards under Biden.

This should come as a warning side for Democrats and Biden that the next President can be a Republican President.


Mike Pence talks on the debate stage as if he is singing a lullaby to put his kids to sleep. The guy is soft, slow and boring.


Fox Business seems to be ignoring Ron DeSantis on the debate stage. Paid by Trump to do so?


The biggest mistake that Biden has made during his Presidency was "shutting down anti-Trumpism". Everyone hated Trump because of the repeated and widespread anti-Trumpism. This automatically created a tendency to choose someone other than Trump ... which is what led to Biden's election.

Now, the anti-Trumpism has been shut down ... Republican politicians and Republican news outlets are trashing Biden ... there is anti-Bidenism. The repetitive criticism of Biden and his Presidency only leads to people looking for another person to lead ... which is what is bringing the Republican candidates in positive light.

Because of Biden's weak leadership and because Biden shut down anti-Trumpism ... this can actually lead to a Republican win in 2024.


The interesting question is that ... Trump is skipping the GOP debates ... doesn't this give the GOP an excuse not to nominate Trump? The GOP can simply say ... hey, you got indicted and convicted ... and you didn't even bother to participate in any GOP debate ... why should we give you the nomination? We would rather prefer to nominate a guy who is clean ... not indicted, not convicted and someone who participated in all of our debates.

Trump is watching only the polls and skipping out on the debates ... maybe because, he would get thrashed by all candidates on the stage and cannot handle all of the onslaught. Trump might think that the polls are enough to get him the nomination ... but what if, the GOP takes a stand against nominating Trump?


Nikki Haley's lips act like windscreen wipers of a car ... wiping her teeth every time she speaks. Especially, observe the upper lip. Well, the nice thing the wipers are doing is ... keeping her teeth nice and shiny. Lol.


Full Trump Interview: ‘I don’t consider us to have much of a democracy right now’

Trump: ‘I don’t consider us to have much of a democracy right now".

Okay, so what did you do about it when you were President for 4 full years. When you are not President, America has gone to hell ... and when you are President, America is great. Isn't it? Are you actually about making America great again or you are simply about making yourself President again?