Theresa May should take it easy on Brexit now. This cannot be the highest priority for the British people. Firstly, Brexit it not the way to go about fixing any British crisis. It might be debt, immigration, jobs or industries. All of this will be worsened with a sudden move such as Brexit.

What you should understand is that … the Establishment is targeting “chaos and destruction” for Europe and America.

  • By pushing wars in the American Administration
  • By pushing the creation of separate countries like Catalonia in Spain
  • By pushing some East European countries bordering Russia to become radically against Russia
  • By trying anti-Russian gimmicks
  • And in Britain … it is Brexit.

This is what the Spanish government must note. The Catalonia crisis is a Jewish Establishment crisis. The regular pattern of this Establishment is that they will use “skins” to design the crisis. They will say one thing but in reality it is something else on the ground level. They will play mind games with you in order to run things in their favor. I will show you how.

What you are dealing with
First understand what you are dealing with. This is not a routine situation and these are not routine demands. You are dealing with a Criminal Establishment. Their aim is to destabilize America and Europe via any means necessary. They are taking up varied measures to facilitate the same. The “Separation of Catalonia” is one of those techniques.

Asking for a separate State is sedition and treason. This was a good reason for you to ban all Separatist Leaders from the election. It was an easy way to win the elections by allowing only Pro Unity Leaders to stand for elections.

Firstly, we would like to thank the President’s Office for getting in touch with us. We love Spain. We love everything about Spain ... right from its fantastic and widespread Spanish Empire that spread Christianity all across South and North Americas to the wonderful, simple, humble, loving and family oriented nature of the Spanish / Latin people. We love your contribution to world history and Christian history. May Spain thrive for a thousand years to come for spreading the Word across continents. May God love you and care for you forever.

In 2011, there were also massive marches on the streets of Syria. Millions of people were on the streets. One group was in favor of the government and another group was against the government. This has already been done before. These are "Establishment wars" ... they want non-stop destruction especially focused on America and Europe. These marches in favor and against the Spanish government are designed by the same Establishment. My dear lovely and adorable Spain, you are in trouble.

Feast and Famine
With richness, talent and resources comes responsibility. God did not make you rich so that you can give the finger to the poor. If we allow every rich and successful State to separate from the main country then eventually we will get areas of feast and famine. The guys who are rich will want separation from the regions that are poor.

The West is in trouble and the trouble is at such high peaks that “Jewish Establishment” elements are openly running for top political positions. We had Bernie, the Jew, running for President in America ... and we have Emmanuelle Macron in France, running for President. Both of them are impostors.