This page is important for Iran.

Trump does not want war
The first thing that you should know is that … Trump is not George Bush … Trump does not want war … and Trump is not a liar. Whatever Trump says, he means it. Trump is not a two faced politician who will lie and mislead others. He may be right or wrong on certain issues … but he rarely ever tells lies.

Iran, be careful. You are going to be bombed next.

We wrote the above article on 4th January 2016 … more than 3 years ago and today you are seeing repeated events happening where Iran is being blamed. The US President is being advised to strike Iran. We will give some brief information so that you understand what is going on and it will help you manage the ongoing war moves.

Saudi Arabia must be wondering why is Israel cuddling up with us and providing us intelligence about Iran? Why is Israel all of a sudden interested in “helping” Saudi Arabia? Why the sudden friendship and cooperation?

Don't let the coup succeed in Turkey!

Egypt is a total disaster after the military coup out there. It is a disastrous military rule in Egypt. This is one of the regime change techniques used by our lovely Jewish Bankers / Israel ... who don't like leaders that are not puppeted by them.

This is what you guys need to understand ... the forthcoming wars are designed for “mutual destruction”. Nobody wins a “nuclear war” ... nobody wins a nuclear war ... when both sides have nukes ... it results only in mutual destruction of both the parties. Both the parties will be destroyed ... and that’s exactly how it is being planned.

Wise and Independent History

My dear lovely Turkey ... it’s a delight visiting you guys ... even if it is just for a few hours. You have a unique thing that I love about you. You have not been enslaved like the rest of the third world. You fought ... you were active ... you were aware of what was going on ... you were not puppeted ... you led and you decided what was best for your people and your country. You made “independent” decisions ... which has given you a unique lead among most of the other countries of the world.

As Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran, questions loom in volatile region 

Iran should relax and think twice ... look at the bigger picture my friends ... look at the bigger picture. It is not the Saudis who want to destroy you ... it is the Jewish controlled political system of America that wants to destroy you. I already gave a warning about this before. They will design "events" to initiate an armed conflict with Iran. All they need is an excuse.