The Kamila Valieva Crisis
A simple, naïve and extremely talented girl is in the world news … everything about this crisis is questionable. What’s going on? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Establishment aggression against Russia
Since the past 10 years, Establishment entities have been using their puppets in the West to run several anti-Russian activities and to run an anti-Russian propaganda. Several measures were taken against Russia … right from banning Russia from Olympics … finance and trade restrictions … to aiming world isolation for Russia. There have been repeated anti-Russian activities by Establishment elements from the West.

Firstly … everybody ... please give a standing ovation to ... Mr. Biden ... for taking down an ISIS leader ... 4 years after Russia has already wiped out terrorism from the world. Excellent job Mr. Biden ... excellent job ... you are just the leader that the world was waiting for. Bravo ... bravo.


Coming to the main point … President Putin has talked about “Crimea’s invasion by Ukraine”. This is the scenario that he is concerned about:

President Putin – World Peace Champion
Till date, President Putin has got a fantastic reputation for being a “world peace champion”. Russia and Putin have provided fantastic world leadership in stopping several wars in the recent years in countries like Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and Turkey. Due to this fantastic leadership, Russia has got several allies and hundreds of billions in additional trade from Europe, Asia and other countries.

This page will help President Putin to understand and manage the crisis in Ukraine.

This is what Russia should note about the Establishment’s plan for a war against Russia. The Establishment is going to use Iran as a stepping stone for a war against Russia. Establishment elements have repeatedly pushed for a war against Iran … mainly owing to the major changes coming in America and Europe where the Establishment is losing control in the countries and people are repeatedly protesting against Austerity measures like the Yellow Vests protests in France.

The world cannot afford America to go for a war in Iran. The Establishment might mislead the Trump Administration to use “war” as a re-election strategy. Sending warships to the Middle East … sending 120,000 troops to the Middle East … all of this was done during the war with Iraq. It’s the same build up. Its an active buildup for war with Iran. Why? It has nothing to do with Iran … its about the internal chaos in America.

This is basically what is going on in the White House. There is enormous amounts of legal pressure on the Trump Family and the Trump Presidency from the Establishment. There are some people in the Trump Team that are either malicious or don't know how to handle things. The advice that Trump is being given is that "do whatever the Establishment wants you to in order to save yourselves from jail". This is the basic decision making policy that is being used in the White House.

Two major alerts for Russia … sanctions and war. Take a look.

Election Interference
This whole thing about Russian election interference started off with this article:

Donald Trump should declare One Million Dollar prize for Hillary's deleted emails

What we told him was “crowdsource” this work to get Hillary’s deleted emails. Declare a million dollar prize and allow everyone to come into action … hackers, China, Russia, NSA agents … whatever it might be. The idea was to crowdsource the work. But instead of crowdsourcing … lol … he directly makes an open public request during his campaign rally asking “Russia” to get Hillary’s emails.

So, China wants to finance, huh? Seems like China likes to challenge the Establishment in the West. It is interesting to see how China is showing dual behaviors. On one side it is challenging America's wars and vetoing war resolutions. It is providing a kind of balance in world power by teaming up with Russia against America's unnecessary wars.

Some important information for Russia and President Putin. This page will show you who is the main target and how the work will benefit Russia.

Don’t follow a hardline defined and limited path
It is terribly important for us not to follow a hardline defined and limited path. We need to keep all options open and use a lot of flexibility. Examples:

The Jewish Establishment is planning to keep America and Europe occupied by terror and chaos internally in the next US Administration. Radical Islam is one such technique that they will exploit. It will result in fear and insecurity in the society ... and their political leaders will spend billions of tax payer money to fight with these artificially created terrorists that never go away. If you note ... all of these countries are extremely debt laden ... this debt is caused because of Establishment policies. This terrorism and insecurity is just one way of keeping these countries diverted and busy.

We are not a political party. We are not a media agency. Politics and Media are some of the tools that we use to make great people oriented nations. You see the photo above? That is our fulltime job ... this is what we do for countries ... "we make fantastic people oriented nations". Welcome to Active Democracy.

Hearty Congratulations to Putin on Erdogan approaching you with an apology. We were expecting at least a few months of campaigning before this happens but it is great that this has happened so early. We are very happy about this event.

Kindly allow us to give a few pointers about this situation. Firstly, we would love it if you respond to Erdogan positively. However, we would advise you to be positive but with caution.