What I am seeing at home … at first, I was taken over with shock and amazement … how can a daughter do this to her own mother? And then later on … the shock and amazement turned into shame … how am I supposed to share this information with others … how am I supposed to get help for this crisis at home that is happening in front of me?

After the phase of shame came … I got to do what I got to do … screw the shame … its more important to protect your loved ones rather than be embarrassed by the acts of other relatives.

My everyday work is ripping off trillionaire criminals … expose them and stop their malice. And right here … in my own family … right in front of me … my sister and brother are abusing my own mother. It would be a shame for me not to stop this crisis.

If it was a one time thing or two times … then you can ignore it. If it doesn’t recur then you can ignore it … but its non-stop malice of loot and fraud using abuse. Putting up with this is simply ridiculous.

Preys on the weak and vulnerable
Here’s an interesting profile of my big brother … he preys on the weak and vulnerable. He will just start yelling, screaming, breaking things and starts threatening you to either defraud you of your property or take your money. This is his gimmick … start yelling and screaming bullshit things that make no sense … to get things done his way. If you don’t listen to him then he will continue with the crazy circus. This is how he has been operating since more than 6 months he is here.

There are multiple frauds that he is involved in. Here is an intro for the same.

One. Defrauds his wife
He takes all of his wife’s gold and uses it to build his new house. The house gets built … years pass-by and she gets no gold returned to her. Her father and brother come to question about this … and my brother gets violent … starts yelling, screaming and uses abusive language against them … and kicks them out of the house. Till date, no gold has been returned to her … its been about 15 years now.

Two. Defrauds his father
He takes all of my father’s Life Insurance money … uses it to build his house and then disappears. He does this at the same time along with his wife’s gold scam. He disappears for 15 years … doesn’t return a single penny back to my father and doesn’t even pay anything for living expenses for my parents. Complete abandonement … he dupes his own father of his entire life’s savings.

Three. Defrauding his mother
Now, he comes back from abroad with huge savings. Guess what he does with these savings? Dad’s life insurance money belongs to Mom … does he apologize and return the money to Mom? No … he puts all of this money back into building more floors on the same house. Yes, his entire house is being built based on loot and fraud.

Not only he doesn’t return Dad’s life insurance money to Mom … but he is working on new schemes to defraud Mom of her property along with my big Sister. Mom wants to donate her property towards charity in God’s way … in her and Dad’s name. You know … so that some good work is done in their name. But my lovely Brother wants the property for himself.

He yells and screams … tries to pick a fight with me every now and then … so that I leave the house … so that he can force Mom to give him the property.

I am in this house … defending and protecting Mom from this chemical abuse and this mental torture … defrauding Mom is not possible in front of me. Now, he wants to shift his entire family from abroad to India … so that, he can move Mom to his house … to facilitate the abuse, threatening and stealing her property for himself.

Four. Defrauding his brother
If you see … all of his targets are weak and vulnerable people … a wife that is dependent on him … an old trusting father and an old scared mother. Now, he is trying to target me as well … he starts screaming and yelling bullshit things at me … so that, he can scare me in keeping my property papers with him. He is on a fullscale loot of his relatives using abuse and violence.

Five. Defrauding his sister
He is building floor after floor … the money that he brought with him is over … now, he is forcing his youngest sister to buy property for herself. She is supposed to use all of her savings to buy a property that she does not want … so that, this guy can make commissions on the property sale. He wants to use this commission to fund the construction of his house.

My sister is repeatedly saying … “I have made these savings to finance the education of my daughter … why are you forcing me to buy a property that I don’t need and want?” He doesn’t give a shit … he is threatening and pushing her to buy property.

My sister understood that he might need money to continue with the construction of his house … she has offered to give him some amount so that it helps him build his house. And guess what, my big brother shamelessly takes money from the youngest sister … who doesn’t have a husband … who has lost her father recently … all she has is her brothers … and this is how the big brother is. This guy is a shameless fraud.

Six. Defrauding his son

He is eyeing money from my and Mom’s properties … he is planning a new construction project. He wants his second son to come here and do Civil Engineering … to be a part of his loot and fraud construction projects.

His son is a citizen abroad … wants to do Software Engineering in some of the best colleges out there. But my brother is fooling his family to come here on a vacation … once they are here then there is no going back. Only his eldest son will go back who has completed his graduation … rest of the entire family will stay here. He will yell, scream and abuse them … make them stay here … to work on his schemes.

Seven. Defrauding his niece
One of my Mom’s apartments is supposed to be given to my sister’s daughter … as per Dad’s instructions. As per my big Sister’s guidance for my Brother … since the apartment is not in the niece’s name … its up for grabs. They can force Mom to give it to anyone. 

The game that my big Sister plays is that … she tries to be a great friend to my other sister. At the same time, she tells my Brother that … the apartment is in Mom’s name … you can take it if you want.

If you look at all of my Brother’s targets … then he is looking for weak and vulnerable targets … his dependent wife, his old trusting father, his old scared mother, his younger brother, his youngest sister, his own son and his niece. All of them are vulnerable targets … almost.

It seems Team Trump is involved in this from the third fraud onwards. All of this is being dictated to my sister and she is getting this malice done via my big brother. That’s why I say … Trump has no moral compass … this is another evidence of the same. He is sitting there and creating 5 simultaneous fraud programs in the family using my brother.

Its true … if Trump doesn’t have a moral compass … at least my brother should have one. But no … both don’t have a moral compass.