Time for a dream update
Its been a while … since I gave a dream update. I got two new dreams in the past few weeks. I was trying to figure out what they meant … so, here they are.

Trump – A tiger chained to a wall
The first dream was about Trump actually. I see a big tiger tied up in golden chains standing boastfully. I figured out that this is Trump … given the size, the boastful attitude and the golden chains … it was clearly Trump.

Where this tiger is tied … on top of that wall, there is a small cat. The cat is meowing … everyone is listening and it is pissing off the tiger. So, I figured out that … that cat is probably me … I am talking about Trump and Trump is getting pissed off.

In the previous old dreams that I had … the wild animals were chained very closely to the wall so that they were not able to move to hurt others. But Trump’s chains were quite loose … so what he does is … he pounces on the top of the wall and holds the cat in his front paws … and then the tiger roars at the cat.

The cat is so small that it comes inside the tiger’s paws. However, the cat is not afraid … the tiger’s face is very close to the cat … the cat bites on the lower lip of the tiger. And guess what the tiger does next? It starts whining, screaming and crying in a loud pussy voice. Lol.

I wake up thinking … okay, what just happened? What is this dream about? So, I am thinking over it and trying to connect the dots. Compared to Trump … at a personal level … I am quite small when it comes resources. He is an Ex-President having trillions of reserves … so I am shown as a small cat in front of him.

I am shown that I am on top of the wall exactly where Trump is tied up … as Trump has his puppets in this residence. Trump pounces and roars at me … showing that his puppets are yelling and screaming at me … which is exactly what is happening at this residence.

And I am also shown the next step … what will happen ahead in the future that … these puppets who are screaming at me, they will start crying.

I am not shown what loss they will face or what will happen to them … but they will start crying. This might be about Trump’s puppets alone or both … Trump and his puppets.

What do we learn from this dream?
This section is important for Biden and Obamas. I think, this is the first dream where Trump was shown to me. I am shown mainly two types of animals controlling the country … tigers and lions. Tigers are generally shown to represent the evil and the bad ones … who would mislead the people and create damage to the Nation. Lions are the good leaders … who do good for the people and create great Nations.

Trump is shown as a “tiger” … who needs to be chained up. Trump is on the wrong side and he is shown as a force for evil and bad things. Given his record with the border crisis, multiplication of the pandemic, the Ukraine war and possibly more wars ahead … and his record of supporting and appeasing the Satanic Establishment … Trump pretty much fits into the category of a “negative element” in the society.

I have been telling Biden and Obamas to drop Trump from the progam … he is an untrustworthy backstabber … but they did not listen possibly because they got hefty payments from Trump. But my friends … my work is not only about the cash … it is also about working with good people to do good work.

And now … here you have it … its kind of a divine intervention … approving everything that I said about Trump … Trump is a negative element of the society that must be extremely restricted … forget about being President again or being a part of our work.

Biden, the Lion King being misled
After Trump’s dream … a couple of weeks later … I had another dream. I was shown a Lion walking around … the Lion seemed pretty upset. It was not locked up in chains … it was free to move around … but it was upset with me.

By looking at the Lion … I figured out … this is Joe Biden … he is upset with my … kind of … brutal criticism of his Presidency. Because … I am in the business of making Kings and running the Nation … the most recent King that I made was Joe Biden … and with his worried and let down look … I figured out … its Joe Biden. Biden is no criminal and he is freely roaming around … no one is locking him down.

This Lion passes by … and then come two little Lion cubs … I am thinking “aww, so cute!” But even these cubs are upset with me … in fact, one of the cubs is trying to hit me with its paws in a cute way but misses me. The second cub doesn’t try to hit me … but it just looks at me and turns away. I figured out that … these are Biden’s kids. Probably, its Hunter Biden and another kid or daughter.

So, I figured out that … what I am writing … this information is also being given to Biden’s kids … and they are not happy as well.

What do we learn from this?
There is a good news and a bad news for Biden in this. First the good news … Uncle Biden … you are shown as a Lion King … congratulations. For all the years Trump was President … in not a single dream, he was shown as a Lion … in fact, there were no dreams addressing him at all. The first dream that I get about Trump is that … he is a negative element that needs to be put in chains.

Technically, you are doing worse than Trump as President … but still you are shown to me as a Lion. Lions are a force for good … that can do great things for the people.

And the bad news is that … being upset with me is not a good thing … it backfires … it means that you are walking in the wrong direction. We are forces of good … who stop what is bad and work to do great things for the people and the Nation. You are a Lion who is showing attributes of a tiger … none of you should be clawing at me. It means that you are dismantling the great role that you can play ahead.

Trump took the liberty to roar at me … to yell and scream at me … he and his puppets are going to cry in the next steps ahead. Being against me … being upset with me … trying to claw me … all of these actions are on the wrong track where you are being misled.

A dream where the “Lion King” is shown … it should have contained greatness and phenomenal change for billions of people … but instead of showing anything phenomenal being done for the people … I am shown that you are sitting there being upset at me. That’s no good.

I am shown both the things in this dream … you are a good guy who can do phenomenal things for the people … but at the same time, I am also shown that you are on the opposite track … doing what the negative elements do.

Michelle Obama – An excellent choice
There is a take for Michelle Obama also in this. Ma’am … the last time I got a dream where wild animals were chained to the wall was when Obama was President … it was when you guys had power. Again recently, I am seeing a wild tiger is chained to the wall, when I have pulled you to lead America again. Thank you Ma’am … you are a force for good.

And your friend Biden … interestingly and surprisingly … is shown as a Lion. That’s another good thing and it means that there can be hope with Biden.

By the way, you are involved in both the places … in chaining up Trump and making Biden Lion King. It was a very good decision in pulling you to lead America.

Coming back to the real world
The dreams serve as a guiding light … showing who is what … what has to be done next … so that, we remain on the right track of leading the world. Let’s look at the real world and understand how to move forward.

  • Leave Trump aside. The first dream clearly indicates that we should leave Trump aside. I don’t care how much he has paid you guys and I don’t care how many hundreds of billions he can give me from Saudis … let’s leave him aside. We don’t need him or his money … I will show you how to pull all of the money that we need without Trump. Moreover, I don’t need hundreds of billions as of now at all … I don’t fancy bad money.
  • Biden is on the wrong track. The second dream clearly shows that Biden is not bringing any major change for America but instead he is simply upset with us. This does no good for America or his Presidency.

Yes, my criticism of Biden or anybody can be brutal at times … but we wouldn’t be in this state if Biden had not wasted one and a half years running ridiculous mass spending policies while defending a backstabbing Trump for no reason. The world is in several crises and there is lack of leadership from Biden … which is exactly what the dream shows.

Not just a guy with dreams
I am not just a guy who gets some dreams … read this again …

Why are we bringing Michelle Obama in the game?


"Who will protect us? This brings us to the security question … who will protect us when Biden is rattled? When Trump got rattled … Democrats protected us … but when Democrats will get rattled … then who will protect us? Right now itself, the Establishment misleads Trump saying that … “I am a Democrat … this and that happened to him because of me”. When SM Groups will be creating a ruckus to stop Biden’s mass spending policies … then who will protect us? And what will happen to his Presidency if he does not change? President Harris?

My dear lady … we are looking at a few steps ahead … we always look at a few steps ahead. We are the ones who are designing this “new form of Democracy” in America. We know how it is designed and how it will function. Everyone sat and watched what Obama did … it is not the same anymore … no one will sit and allow the President to create disasters anymore."

I wrote this on 2nd October 2020 … this is even before the elections took place in November 2020. Biden was not even given the Presidency and I knew exactly what will happen to Biden if he continued with his bad policies. SM Groups will start pulling support away from him … his Presidency will tank … Biden will get rattled … and he may try to turn against us.

How was I able to predict this so perfectly and exactly? Its because you live in a system that I have designed. You are living in Active Democracy. You are encouraging “people to vote” … but I have already trained the people “how to run their country”. Its not just voting … its literally running the country.

Rooting out malicious and stagnant leaders … enabling positive and fruitful candidates … stopping bad policies and enabling good ones … changing Presidents … stopping wars … all of these are sections of Nation Management.

I am not the one who gets things done at the ground level … SM Groups are trained to do this. Abusing me won’t stop anything against you … in fact, your elimination from politics will be doubled. Pestering me with only money will not change anything for you at the ground level. Everything is about facts and logic.

Biden is a good guy … but he is on the wrong track. We have to pull him on the right track. Otherwise, we can lose him … we don’t have time forever … Presidencies are time limited and so is Biden’s scope of leadership. We need to pull him on the right track asap.