This page is important for Biden and Obamas. Here’s the thing about dreams … they always come true and they provide guidance & success formulas. The guidance comes in two forms:

  • Intervention. One is intervention … where I am stuck on a particular decision … whether to do it or not … if this decision is taking a long time, then I get a dream guiding me what to do next.
  • Success formulas. And other dreams give me success formulas of dealing with Establishment malice and leading the Nation.

I generally tell SM Groups that … dreams are just for my guidance … you don’t need to follow them … just follow reason, facts and logic … this will help you to decide what is right for the country. I tell them this because … I don’t want them to rely only on one guy’s dreams to make decisions for 330 million American lives … whatever has to be done, it has to be practical, logical and feasible. Secondly, because I don’t want them to sit and wait for the dreams to come true and not do anything to take the country forward.

The main thing is that … I treat the dreams as divine intervention … I look for guidance in these dreams and see how things have to be taken forward. And then I apply logic and reason to guide SM what to do next. Whenever I am guiding SM … it has both factors involved … guidance from the dreams and also reason, logic and facts.

I don’t do anything that will oppose the dreams that I get. Doesn’t matter if the sky falls down or the Earth breaks open … once I get a dream, I follow it. I don’t give a shit what anybody says or who they are or how much money they can give me. I don’t do anything that will oppose the dreams.

I am telling you guys this because I got Biden in one of my dreams. He needs to know how things work forward. Let me give some examples.

First Intervention – Don’t join the Matrix
This happened during Obama’s first term. I was very popular among SM Groups and they wanted me back in America. They saw that I wanted to change systems, create new laws, regulations and reforms … dismantle exploitation systems … so, they wanted to pull me in politics. They wanted to give me all of the popularity that I could get and all of the power that was possible for me to get. They used to say … “since you are not born in America … except being US President … we will give you all powers possible and make you the most powerful force in America.”

I rejected this proposal … because I knew, it was impossible for me to do this work from US soil. What the Establishment elements used to do was … they would use multiple SM Groups and pester them to ask me to come to America and work from there. Moreover, to join the Matrix and be a part of their network.

I got a dream against this request. I was shown in a ship … in the middle of the Ocean … I was being attacked by thousands of skeletal and slimy cannibals … who would come into the ship from the waters. While I was being attacked … I would keep on saying “I could use some help here … I could use some help here” … but no one comes to help me. All alone in the middle of the Ocean … my ship sinks when attacked by thousands of cannibals.

I told SM Groups … “this is the dream that I got. This is about me joining the Matrix and working from America … this is exactly what will happen. You need to stop inviting me to join the Matrix. I know that you love me a lot … but your plans of making me great with powers and influence will sink my ship. This is not a one person’s job … we have to work on this via another strategy.”

After that dream … SM never invited me to join the Matrix nor did I ever join the Matrix … and I did not move to the US to do my work from there.

Second Intervention: Work with the SM Network
It’s a long story … the Matrix is not a super comfy place. You are monitored every single second of your life and you are abused in a multitude of ways if refuse to be a part of the Matrix. For several years I went through this abuse … this happened even before the Obama Presidency began.

I hated the Matrix and wanted them gone from my life for good. But SM Groups would keep on insisting that … “we love you … we want to help you … we love you … we want to help you”. Then I got the Lioness dream … asking me to work with SM Groups. The SM Network was shown as a Lioness protecting me and working on world crises that I was showing.

This dream was the biggest shock of my life … God telling me to work with an entity that has been abusing me for years. However, I put my trust in God and followed the dream.

Success formula: Work like tidal waves
In another dream … I was told to work with SM Groups like a “tidal wave”. What SM had planned for me was … greatness for one person and this one person should succeed against the Establishment. This was their formula but God said that it wouldn’t work. The formula that the Big Guy gave me was … work like tidal waves to hammer out the Establishment.

Turns out that … the Matrix is created by the Satanic Establishment but it is formed by the majority of Christian, Muslim and God loving people. SM Groups were themselves were under threat and abuse by this Establishment. So, I started training them … how to function like one tidal wave to hammer out each Estabishment puppet. I showed them how to operate in several fields of intelligence, legals, media, corporations, judiciary and celebrities.

I ended up creating the entire concept of Active Democracy … where each citizen is an Active Citizen that leads his Nation. If I had rejected God’s request to work with SM Groups because of the abuse that I faced via the Matrix … then I would have never created Active Democracy. God’s guidance was for my good, for the good of my work and for the good of the people as a whole.

One day I was being abused by the Matrix and today … I am one of the Directors on the Board of Nation Management. My job is making and dismantling Presidencies and leading the Nation. The dreams … God’s guidance … helped me to come to this point.

Two major obstacles for the Biden Presidency
The good news for Biden is that … he is shown as the Lion King in my dream. The intervention here is that … Biden is a good person under whom great things can be done. The entire world is thinking that … Biden is weak, Biden is old, he is not stable, he cannot handle the Presidency and bla bla bla … but God is saying … Biden is Lion King … great things can happen under Biden.

But there are two major obstacles that are holding Biden back … its Trump and Obama.

Trump needs to be chained to the wall
There has been a lot of delay because of my rejection of working with Trump. Trump might have paid Biden and Obamas a hefty amount … he might be promising us also hundreds of billions … he might be promising to do good and whatever. Whatever Trump is doing … it is only causing delay and lack of leadership under Biden.

So, finally … we get an intervention about Trump that … forget about being President again or being a part of the work … Trump deserves being chained to a wall … he needs to be very very restricted.

Keep in mind that … during the Trump Presidency … not once I got a dream showing Trump in good light or that he was a Lion. Trump was chosen by SM Groups to replace Hillary. Trump did a good job by not starting a war against Russia. There was no dream in his favor or against him during his Presidency. Trump was just a routine President who we were trying to guide.

Trump was actually running a very clean Presidency with no wars and no disasters. But Trump turned vicious in his last year … multiplying the pandemic by 10 times, creating capitol riots and then post-Presidency … he created several waves of the pandemic, border crisis, Ukraine war and God knows what all shit he has planned. So, it is post-Presidency that I get a dream that … Trump is a negative element that deserves to be chained to the wall.

Like I said before … doesn’t matter how much you try to coax me … I don’t go against the dreams. Its not like Trump is President who is going to blow up the world … in such scenarios, we have to guide even the bad and evil leaders. Thankfully with the end of the Trump Presidency we are not in that awful phase.

Biden and Obamas need to move on from Trump … quit bowing to him … quit following him. You are elected to do great things for 330 million Americans who are suffering because of your lack of action and lack in leadership … and all you can think is of appeasing one backstabbing asshole? Just move on from Trump for heaven’s sake.

No dreams showing Obama in bad light
That was dealing with the first obstacle that was holding back Biden. Coming to the second obstacle … Barack Obama. No, there are no dreams that show Obama as a bad or evil person. But this is what Biden and Michelle Obama should understand in dealing with Obama … Obama actually thinks that he was a good President … which is actually not true.

Obama was and is a good person … but he was a bad and failed President. If Bush was a failed President with $5 Trillion additional debt and 2 countries bombed … then how can Obama be a successful President with $9 Trillion additional debt and 6 countries being bombed? Obama is a good person but technically, he was two times worse than Bush.

If you fall for Obama’s misunderstanding that “he was a good and successful President” then you will follow all of his moves … and thus become a failed President like Obama. Lol. Obama thinks that he was a good and successful President … and he will start dictating things to you and make you do everything that he did … and thus put you on the wrong track. This is one of the major issues with the Biden Presidency … not only Trump is screwing with the Biden Presidency but even Obama unknowingly is misleading Biden.

Where to follow Obama?
Let me break it down for you … so that, you understand this very clearly. We openly supported and helped Obama during his Presidency. Why? Because Michelle was helping Obama understand the Establishment crises and helping him to divert away from wars. Because if Mitt Romney became President then he would destroy America with a war against Russia. This is the key reason we supported Obama again and again.

Our number one priority during the Obama Presidency was to stop the wars … all of the focus was on wars. Thus, we had to support Obama and knock out Mitt Romney.

Therefore, when Obama talks about dodging wars, not listening to Israel, supporting Palestinian rights and not initiating a conflict with Russia … then please follow him. He has learnt this … he has experienced this first hand … and he will help you in the right direction on these issues.

Where not to listen to Obama?
But if Obama tells you to become a party puppet … do everything that the Party leaders tell you to … follow mass spending policies … fund wars forever … here is where you do not follow Obama. Instead you need to tell Obama … please stop talking … let alone follow him.

Obama was never trained to rise above Party puppetry … he has no idea how to do it … he thinks appeasing the Party will keep the nomination with him … when in reality, we had already designed a Trump Presidency where we knocked out Party control from the candidate. The candidate controlled the Party … and the Party did NOT control the candidate.

This is something that Obama was not trained on … this is something that Obama does not know … but it is very feasible and we have already done it before.

Uncle Biden – Be a slave to nobody
This is something that we had told Trump also in his first year. You are a slave to nobody … nobody tells you what to do … you need to bow to no one but God. As long as you have the facts and logic with you … everyone will follow you. We will give you that weightage, influence and control. You do not have to compromise on anything.

The most important part of your Presidency is that … even the dream says it … we have made you Lion King but there is no major reform at all. When a Lion King is shown … he is shown with great honor, respect and phenomenal accomplishments and grandeur. All of that is missing for you.

The only thing that is shown about you is that … yes, we made you Lion King and the only thing that you are doing is … walking around being upset with us. That’s not why we made you King.

Please understand these two obstacles that are holding you back … one is a criminal that deserves to be chained to a wall … and the other one is in a misunderstanding that he was a successful President. Stop following failed Presidents … and learn how to lead with reason, logic and facts … so that the victory can be yours.

Obamas are wonderful people … its thanks to Michelle that changes are coming in America. We just need to configure Barack Obama a little bit … then all will be good.