Yeah, I know about the bullshit sex setups. Its the usual bullshit. The only thing that I will say about them is ... the ones who create sex setups are morons and the ones who believe in these sex setups are even bigger morons.

Trump was keenly interested in fake sex based information for mainly two reasons.

  • He had no interest in changing America and making any reforms. He used the sex setups only to pocket the money that he had raised for our project.
  • He used the same sex setups to derail coordination with Democrats.

He pretty much fell into the category of "doing nothing, making excuses while looting the country by the trillions". He eventually ended up self-destructing his Presidency ... how was that a wise thing to do? If he had worked with us ... he would get re-elected and go down in history as of the greatest US President. But instead, he went down in history as a double impeached President who was nothing but a thief in a burning building for the American people.

Was Trump a great genius for creating fake sex information? How did it help him in any way? He used it to remain on a "do nothing, make excuses and loot at every turn" track. It was nothing but self-destruction for him ... all crises of debt, trade deficits and cost of living multiplied and he was seen as a good for nothing moron ... and he was booted from the White House.

This doesn't apply only to Trump ... but it applies to any US President ... including Biden. I have already shown Biden and Obamas everything they need to know about sex setups ... if they keep on failing in a simple task in which they have been trained hundreds of times ... then it is their failure and not mine.

The only thing that I can do is ... train them and show them the issues involved ... if they deliberately fail even after being trained like a hundred times ... then it is their fault and not mine.

"Failing" is something that Biden seems to be very good at. Lol.

We pulled Biden in the White House so that he could work with Michelle and create a leadership better than Obama and Trump. But instead of being better than Obama and Trump ... he is carrying both of their failures in his Presidency. Right now, the Biden Presidency is an accumulation of the faults and failures of both Obama and Trump Presidencies. Biden is championing failures for America.

Staying rooted in the work
I think we should help Biden with some basic information on being rooted in the work. This is what Biden should understand about being President … everything around you is designed to give you the “support to break Establishment monopoly, to dismantle their abusive systems, to create new reforms and to take America into a new era.” This is the core of the work.

Everything is designed based on the core of the work. Who will become President? Who should be in the Supreme Court? Who should hold key positions in several fields in America? Everything is designed based on this. What we design … the entire country moves in that flow.

If you continue to work on the core … then everything remains in your favor. If you derail or oppose the work … then everything around you starts falling apart and turns against you. That’s how SM operates.

Examples will help
SM, the Presidency and Active Democracy … this is one team … you are a part of the same team. And this team … fights against a Satanic Establishment in America … in the West … in almost every sphere of life. There is no you versus us … we are one team … at least supposed to be.

In this work, the Establishment can try to create obstacles of infinite nature in several ways and routes … via finance, via security, via legal issues, via family problems, via health, via false information … these guys are Satanists and they function literally like Satan. Whatever serves their interest of derailing or opposing the work … they will do it.

Your job as President is to overcome all and every single obstacle … remain rooted in the core of the work … and continue to move forward to accomplish changes in America and in the world. You allow absolutely no one to stop, derail and oppose the work. This job is of the Satan … anyone who tries to stop, derail or oppose our work … he will be dismantled and eliminated from the path. This is what SM specializes in … I don’t do it … SM does it.

Look into the Trump Presidency
Just as how the President is required to work with us and keep us safe … the same is implemented for the President via SM … the President is supported, protected and kept safe from every issue possible … because he is extremely important for the work.

Our work saves and creates trillions for America … and saves and makes the lives of billions of people better. Everything is evaluated based on the result and outcome of the work that has to be done.

Here are a few examples of how we supported Trump despite his baggage … because he was chosen for the work.

  • Pornstars and Playmates. Trump had his own sex scandals during elections itself. They ended up being a source of non-stop issues for him during the Presidency. This is how we evaluated this issue … “it was consensual sex. No rape or crime was committed. It is the Establishment screwing around to demonize Trump. Why should we be bothered about what one guy does in his bedroom? We are more concerned about the billions of people that he can benefit”. SM groups rooted out the sex scandals and helped Trump win against them.
  • Profiteering via the Border Wall. Its seems Trump and his associates were profiteering via the border wall. I told SM Groups … “okay, the total project is about $20-30 Billion … Trump will make a few billion out of it. Trump is stopping new wars … he is saving trillions for America … so what if he makes a few billion?” We defended Trump’s profiteering activities as well.
  • Murder. Trump showered missiles in Syria and dropped the Mother of all bombs in Afghanistan … killing innocent people. We still defended him … “the previous Presidents have killed millions of people and destroyed several countries … Trump is still squeaky clean as President when compared to them.” Yes, we defended even murder for Trump.
  • Trump’s Kids. FBI was raiding Trump’s offices and residences … his kids were getting grilled by the FBI. We protected his kids as well saying … “how will Trump do his work when his own children are under threat? Targeting children and family is inhumane … Trump’s kids and family should be protected so that he can properly focus on the work.” Don Jr. had an issue with the Russian Collusion and Ivanka has an issue with her email usage … both of them were protected and kept safe.
  • Investigations. Trump was into several investigations … especially the Mueller Investigation. We only protected Trump and Russia in this investigation.
  • Impeachment. The Establishment used half a dozen Jews to impeach Trump over his call to Ukraine. We showed Trump how to work on this impeachment and protected him via SM Groups.
  • Jail. We don’t know what is going to happen to Trump ahead because of his several crimes in his last year and post-Presidency … but there were several lawsuits that would land Trump in jail. There were several jail traps apart from this. We protected Trump in every jail trap that was designed against him.
  • Covid. Trump got Covid. We guided Ivanka of how to give him the best treatment possible and protected his organs from failing owing to routine mistakes in Covid treatment.

I can go on and on … all of the above are not examples where we helped Trump stop wars and do something for the people … all of these are examples where we have protected Trump “at a personal level” … not once but again and again and again. Why? Because this is exactly what is required of each other in this team … we protect each other because of the “core of the work” that has to be done.

Backstabbing asshole
Now, understand why SM Groups call Trump a “backstabbing asshole”. You have seen the above activities that we have done for Trump and his family … now see what Trump does for us and our work.

  • Sex scandals. We protected Trump from his sex scandals … and Trump is busy creating fake sex scandals against us.
  • Presidential Profiteering. We protected Trump from his Presidential profiteering … and he uses our own project as a means to loot billions of himself. He would raise money by the billions using our work and uses the funds for himself.
  • Murder. We protected Trump when he was even killing people … and Trump does is … tells Russians and others to beat us up to shut us up … toss me in jail or even shoot me dead if required.
  • Trump’s family. We protected Trump’s family … his own kids would be convicts by now if we had not intervened … and what Trump does is … uses my own family against me … tries to abuse me and my family members.
  • Investigations. We protected him from several investigations … and he tried to activate every government against us … Russia, Turkey, India and Malaysia.
  • Impeachment. We protected his Presidency from being terminated via impeachment … and he tries to shut down our work by targeting and pressurizing my own private clientele.
  • Jail. We protected him from jail … and he reported me as a “terrorist” when I was in Turkey. There was a helicopter flying over my residence and guys at my reception coming to arrest me.
  • Covid. We protected and helped Trump when he got Covid … and he repeatedly uses his contacts to put chemicals and infections in my residence.

We don’t call Trump a backstabbing asshole for no reason. With one hand he would repeatedly take our help and with his other hand he would try to stab us in the back.

This is the guy that Biden is following … where on Earth do you think the Biden Presidency will land? Trump chose to be completely the opposite of what he was chosen for … following Trump, Biden is destroying his Presidency as well.

This is not called being smart … this is called self-destruction. When you refuse greatness for yourself … when you refuse success and great things for your people … it is not called being smart. Its called being self-destructive. Trump was extremely self-destructive and Biden is being the same.

The issue with “help” is that … you can help only those who want the help. Those who reject the help … sit there making excuses … so that they can stick to their trillions of mass spending … there is little we can do for them.

Biden should realize what type of President he is … is he the one who fights through every obstacle to do what is right … or is he the one who sits there making excuses so that he can stick to his trillions and failures? Change is easy … provided … you want to change.





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