King Maker?
If I am making Presidents … then am I the King Maker? Actually … nah … making Presidents is a tiny portion of the work. It is a simple team building activity for us. Yes, for some people it might be the biggest ambition of their life and the goal of their life … but for us … it is a simple team building activity.

Some background information
Let’s give some background information to Biden … so that he gets an idea of how it works. We also gave this info to Trump … but he mocked and scoffed … he was an egomaniac who responded only with dislike and abuse.

Pre-Obama Era
I don’t think that even Obamas are aware of this. Let me give the info very briefly. This whole thing started off with my travel in 1998. Yes, this work is going on since about 24 years … not just since Obama.

It’s a long story … to cut it short … the Matrix picked me up and wanted me to join their system in 1998. Several groups were involved … German, French, British, American and Indian … SM Groups are spread all across the world in almost every major city.

New York
It was in New York that the Matrix was the most powerful … and thus their efforts to pull me into the Matrix were also extremely strong. They had a two sided approach … coax me with comfort, billions, women, fame and whatever I wanted … and when I would reject everything … and tell them to shove it up their ass … they would respond with abuse … abuse of varied types … financial, chemical, tweaked products, vulgar behavior and so on.

Matrix Strategy
Their strategy was … abuse him and make him realize that we can do anything and that he depends on us. I was writing “God In the Jungle” … and they used to tell me “We are the jungle! God is not listening … tell me what I can do for you.”

Yes, that’s pretty freaking bold … it’s a massive massive network … so confident in their superior technology, reach and access that … they used to tell me … “Even if God sends down Moses … we will make Moses kneel before us.”

That’s the influence and control that they have on each person’s life as we speak. They literally control the world around you … that’s how they operate. That’s why they call themselves the jungle itself.

I used to tell them … “You can make Moses kneel down? Okay fine … I will raise a million Moses in every city … and then let’s see who wins!” Lol.

Kills herself
The more I would reject them … the more attached they would be. After my stay in America … I come back to India. They tried to coax me to come back to America … and I refused. They thought everyone is crazy about America and that I would jump at the first chance of coming back … but I refused.

The Matrix operates in groups … a group manages each person. The manager who used the abusive tactics with me in America was blamed for my refusal to come back. Everyone blamed her for being rude and harsh. So she says … “I am going to do my best to bring him back to America and if he doesn’t come then I will kill myself … as its my fault that he is not coming back and we have lost a great asset for America”.

They continue to pester me to come back … and I continue to refuse … I continue to show the problems in America and show them how to fix each problem. I would give them detailed information of the Establishment’s involvement and malice. Reportedly, since I didn’t come back … she kills herself.

“Come back to America” was a trap
I have no idea about whatever this manager was doing. I was informed about it a couple of years later. One SM guy informs me … “hey, did you know that one lady among us killed herself for you?” and I was given the info on what happened.

Then I had to explain to them that … “you need to leave emotions aside … we can’t work with emotions … we have to use facts and logic. Coming back to America is a trap and I will not be able to do my work there. Calling me there is shutting down my work and even possibly putting me in jail.

I am with you … I am working with you and for America … and I have to work in the initial stages from outside America.” That’s how I was able to separate emotions from the work.

Tea Party, Arab Spring and Occupy Movements
I push SM Groups to start working on the concepts … rather than just calling me here and there … show me your love by putting things into action. Guess what SM Groups start doing? They start raising millions of Moses in scores of cities around the world … they created the Tea Party, Arab Spring and Occupy Movements.

All of these movements are simple “by-products” of the concepts of Active Democracy. SM Groups not only make and dismantle Presidencies … but they can overthrow entire Governments as well.

Millions of people were put on the streets of scores of American cities via the Occupy Movement … only to show a welcome gesture for me to come to America. They said … “you wanted us to rise … we have risen … here are millions of people in the streets waiting for you.”

Yes … it was very touching. Here is where I actually trusted SM groups to do what was needed to bring about change … and I took them to the next step ahead.

Making Presidents
The next step was “making Presidents”. I told them … “change will not come by simply pouring into the streets. Its winter and all occupants need to go home. Leading the Nation will be a “part of our lives” … we have to operate via Active Democracy. And the first thing that we need to do is … to bring about change … we need to get rid of Establishment puppets from key positions and place Establishment independent candidates who can keep America first … who can keep people first.”

President with a killer instinct
Obama was the current President … despite repeated guidance, he was not able to stop the wars. He was too much of a gentleman and wanted to keep everyone happy. We told SM Groups to look for … someone with a killer instinct … who is not an Establishment puppet and he should be able to keep America first … a patriot who can fight for his country.

The patriot that SM Groups chose was … Donald J Trump. Trump was a better choice than Hillary … obviously … let alone humans, any donkey would be better than Hillary. It would be more entertaining to hear the donkey’s “hee haw … hee haw … hee haw” in the Oval … rather than watch Hillary preach us how right it is to bomb other countries. Trump did stop the funding and supply of weapons in war zones … thus he ended terrorism and the War on Terror. But unfortunately, our patriot turned into a traitor … chose his trillions in profiteering rather than fighting for his people.

And you know the story of pulling Biden backed by Obamas in the game.

Turning against me backfires
What the President generally think is … “I am the President and you are just one writer … I will do this and that to you … how dare you and bla bla bla.” The moment you turn against me … it backfires on your Presidency.

Why does this happen? Because SM Groups have been tracking me since 10 years even before Obama became President … they know every single detail that needs to be known about me since 24 years … in extreme detail that is. They know that … I do nothing but benefit others and try to do the right thing most of the time. Turning against me is stopping the benefit that others can get … turning against me is stopping the right thing being done.

SM realized this in the hard way … to the extent that one of them killed herself over this guilt. So what they expect from Presidents is … yes, you can make your verifications … but then move on.

  • Don’t stick to the malice created by Establishment elements
  • And don’t create your own misinformation

The very purpose you have been given the Presidency is to … revolutionize America. Look at the bigger picture involved and fight for change in the country.

SM, Presidency and Active Democracy are complimentary forces
This is how all 3 entities compliment each other …

  • SM protects and supports the President and Active Democracy … SM helps in rooting out malicious Establishment elements from the way.
  • The President protects and supports Active Democracy … the President creates reforms for the people via revolutions.
  • Active Democracy strategizes the roles for SM and the President … shows how to overcome Establishment obstacles and hurdles in each task.

All 3 compliment each other … this is the basic configuration planned.

Current issue
The current issue that we have with Presidential leadership is that …

  • They are very happy to become President
  • Then they either flip or totally ignore why they were made President … and they go on a looting spree
  • SM sees that this guy can’t or won’t make any change and they start pulling the support away from his Presidency. The Presidency starts tanking in polls, popularity and they start losing seats in the House and Congress … and then eventually lose the Presidency.
  • The President start freaking out that he is losing and he might be removed from the White House and he starts getting angry and abusive against us.
  • This creates even more opposition for the President and he tanks even more.

Trump has already gone through this phase … and Biden is entering this phase.

Mr. Biden … I am the guy that you should be thanking and working with. Firstly, you take the Presidency … not work with me and go on a looting spree … and then turn against me because you are being removed from the White House … this doesn’t seem really fair, does it?

This is what Biden should understand … the Presidency is just a subset of our work. The survival of your Presidency depends on whether you can do the work or not. If you can’t do the work then SM will simply look for the next guy that will do the work. That’s how they operate and I cannot stop them from doing it.

SM is not a fictional term. Who started the Tea Party Movement … who is behind the Arab Spring … who started the Occupy Movement … who started the #metoo movement. Millionaire and billionaire Jewish criminals were tossed in jail … for the first time in America. A Pornstar banger is getting to be President … a guy with two dozen honking cars in his rallies is getting to be President. Who is doing all of this?

Its not magic or luck … its SM.

Please understand the bigger picture and the bigger role that you have to play, Mr. Biden.


Yes, Mr. Biden … its kind of a dangerous track ahead. Because this is exactly what happens …

  • If the President doesn’t coordinate with us … then the crises multiply
  • When the crises multiply, SM Groups start taking down the Presidency
  • When the Presidency starts tanking, the President starts turning against us
  • When the President turns against us instead of working with us … then the termination of his Presidency is fast tracked even more

This is the phase that Trump went through … he was a backstabber … he had flipped against the purpose he was chosen for and he had no intention of making any change in America.

We don’t think that Biden is a backstabber … or that he has flipped against the purpose that he was chosen for … but there is extreme delay in the coordination and he is coming to a point where his Presidency is being terminated from several angles.

Since we already had an issue with Trump and since Trump is involved quite a lot with the Biden Presidency … he might push you on the same track … the same track of no coordination and turning against us. This is why we thought of sharing this information with you.

You are following a failure … your Presidency is failing till date … you don’t have to go all the way down like Trump did. You can change your track … everybody wants you to change your track. If you change your track then everything can change for you.