"Having my back" is not going to do you any good Mr. Biden. That is Michelle's job and she is doing it quite well since the past 10 years. What is going to help you is "changing America" ... revolutionizing America is the only thing that is going to save your Presidency.

You don't get the Presidency to be "nice to me" ... you get the Presidency to do great things for 330 million Americans. You are failing America and 330 million Americans ... and you are saying ... "we have your back ... see, I am nice to you".

This doesn't work. I have millions of SM Groups that are super nice to me. You will not believe the stuff that they do for me. We didn't make you President just to be nice to one person.

The majority of the American people see you as a weak leader who is failing on almost every front. The bigger problem of your failure is that ... you try to market your multi-trillion dollar spending programs as the "solution" for America. You are championing "disasters as solutions" for America.

This is the main problem with your Presidency. We told you about this even before you were given the Presidency. Your policies are disasters and if you hit the road with these disasters ... then it is going to be a major problem. If you had molded and changed in the initial days itself ... then today you would be a revered American champion. We also told you that ... if you hit with the wrong policies ... then you have to follow a long curve to mold your policies. This is exactly where you are.

You have to follow this curve ... start molding and changing ... save America and thus save your Presidency as a result.

We told you all of this even before you hit the ground 2 years ago ... you didn't listen ... and you are in the exact trouble that we warned you ahead of time. Now, we are only telling you ... there is still a chance to save ... to change ... and to be successful.

The only thing is that ... you have to be flexible and open minded. Quit sticking to your multi-trillion dollar mass spending programs ... we will show you how to make your money as well as save America. You don't need to create disasters for America to make your money.

Interestingly, we also told Trump something very similar ... Trump didn't have disasters under his hood ... his biggest disaster was inaction and stagnation ... no action against Establishment monopoly is what backfired on Trump ... and that's one of the key reasons why Trump was removed from the White House.

We used to repeatedly tell Trump ... understand why you are chosen for President ... help your people ... save America and this will help you save your Presidency. But he was too big headed to change.

Now, look at your Presidency ... not only you have inaction and stagnation when it comes to Establishment monopoly but you are also on a massive multi-trillion dollar spending spree. Your Presidency is much more worse than Trump and it is much more disastrous than Trump's.

This is why we are repeatedly telling you to keep an open mind ... be flexible ... old political gimmicks will not work in this era ... you have to make new moves to survive in these new times.

If it makes you feel any better ... Trump wasn't the only fool who didn't listen to what we said ... Warren is another example. She was only interested in taking the Presidency via our help ... she had no intention of changing anything. She was stuck to party puppetry like a Koala stuck on a tree.

When we invited her to lead America ... she was very happy. She showed little effort and care to change anything ... when we told her that ... she will tank and be removed from the Presidential race ... then she started freaking out. She didn't believe us at first ... but when she started falling in polls and started lagging behind from being a forerunner to losing again and again in several states ... she completely freaked out against us.

She wouldn't change her disastrous $130 Trillion new spending policies ... but she would want us to stop our work so that she doesn't fall any more in polls. We told her again and again ... we don't pull you down in polls ... we don't remove you from leadership ... it is SM that does that. You have to be right by "facts and logic" to get the leadership and to maintain your leadership in America.

She failed to understand that ... she would be pissed off at Obamas for not stopping our work. Technically, she was the first mass spending failure that America had seen ... and now, you are the second one, Mr. Biden.

The only good news about your Presidency is that ... under Warren, America would fail $100 Trillion at a time and under Biden, America is failing $3 Trillion at a time. That's the only good news we have about the Biden Presidency till date.

Just like I told Trump and Warren ... save America to save your Presidency ... its simple as that. If you do everything wrong as per facts and logic ... don't expect to remain in Presidential leadership. You have to prove in every action and policy that you are doing what is best for the American people and America in order to get SM support.

Just be flexible and open minded ... we can help you win.