Mr. Biden … sitting there and tweeting won’t help you in any way. If you were honest in working with us … you wouldn’t sit there just tweeting.

You have no idea the momentum that is building up against your Presidency among SM Groups. In the first 6 months, you were defined as a “shameless greedy pig” who was openly looting trillions of taxpayer money. And within your first year, you are being defined as “a fraud and a thief”.

You are surpassing your Guru Trump in getting fantastic titles for your leadership. SM Groups don’t only give titles … they are very very practical in nature. Just like they made your Presidency, they will also dismantle your Presidency. And there will be nothing I will be able to do to help you.

If you are going to remain on a looting track and not giving a shit about what you have to do … there is nothing that I will be able to do to help you. You can freak out and try to threaten me and abuse me … even that will not help you … as I am not the one who dismantles your Presidency but it is SM that does it. The only thing that I can do is … tell you very honestly and openly where you stand and what is planned next.

The only way you can connect with SM and get their support is via “facts and logic”. That’s the only common ground that will help you pull SM support in your favor.

What you are doing out there is … running a dozen disasters in America and in the world simultaneously … going on a looting spree … hatching up sexual bullshit information about us … and then sitting there tweeting that “I am dedicated … I am committed” and bla bla bla.

Nobody gives a shit about your tweets. Everyone saw Trump tweeting like a pussy everytime he needed help … the moment I activated the help for him … he turned back into being a big headed asshole. If you are thinking that you can repeat the same … that just tweets will help you … then my dear friend, nobody gives a shit about your tweets.

What matters is real time change … where you are a complete zero. You are a complete failed zero because you are following big headed failed Presidents like Obama and Trump. These are your role models that are screwing you and your Presidency. If you can’t realize this … then you don’t have what it takes to be President. If you can’t understand right from wrong … good from bad … success from failure … then you have no business running the country.

Just quit and go home … for everyone’s sake. You are an embarrassment and a disgrace for everyone. This is not the shit why we made you President.

Nobody is forcing you to be President ... just quit … we will pick someone else who can handle the job. Why do you have to continue to be a disgrace and take everyone’s ridicule? Go and chill with your family.

Money is all what you want, right? Let’s talk numbers and formulate an easy exit for you. Money is the only reason why you are President … so, let’s give you the cash without having you hold America hostage. You understand that you are holding America hostage, don’t you?

You are forcing Americans to live in the highest cost of living, highest debt, highest inflation, highest gas prices, pandemics, wars, world migration, border crisis, erosion of personal rights and only God knows how many more crises will be unleashed where you will fail. When you refuse to solve any crisis that the people face … and you stick to the Presidency only for the loot … then your Presidency becomes a hostage crisis for the American people.

The Trump Presidency itself was a hostage crisis but with a lesser number of disasters and crises. Your Presidency is a much worse hostage crisis for America.

The main question what all SM Groups are asking is … “why is Biden holding America hostage?” Just tell him to quit and go home. Let Harris take over or assign Bill de Blasio as VP … and then please quit. If you don’t want to do anything … if you don’t want to lead … then just quit and go home.

Instead of sticking for 4 long years with one flawed President … let us explore options with other leaders … let us discuss things with Harris and Bill de Blasio.

There is a long road out there … let alone standing up to the Establishment … you can’t stop being a puppet to Obama and Trump. You can’t overcome two simple leaders who hold no political office. Both Obama and Trump hold no power and no political office … and you can’t think beyond them? You can’t stop being a puppet to them?

If you can’t overcome two guys with no power … then this job is not meant for you, my friend. Why do you want to go down in history as a disaster who was nothing but a fraud and a thief? Choose easier options that you can manage and that are good for you.

If you can’t lead … then quit … its easy. I will get you your moolah. This offer will not last for long, by the way. Things may turn in ways where you have to lose the Presidency and the moolah … I won’t be able to help you then.

Either ways … either lead or get out of the way … don’t hold America hostage.